19 Nov, 2021
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Charlotte Tilbury

Full disclosure: I have never tried Charlotte Tilbury products before. Which is frankly, ridiculous. I hear such great things about them, but I must confess to not being much of an experimenter when it comes to my beauty regime and beauty/makeup products. So opportunities like this are always really exciting for me, as it gives me a legitimate excuse to experiment!
There are a few specific products that I have earmarked, as they have been recommended by Beauty Editor and makeup artist friends (who really are the best people for recommendations as they are constantly trying out all the latest products from every brand), that I’m excited to try.
I also popped into the Charlotte Tilbury concession in Bentall’s in Kingston, close to where I live, as I wanted to have a really good look at all the products in real life. The staff there couldn’t have been lovelier or more helpful. I was served by Brooke and she was so knowledgeable about Charlotte Tilbury products and how to use them and get the best out of them. I was seriously impressed. And super-lovely and approachable too (we all know how intimidating those beauty counters can sometimes be…). She was happy to be guided by me and my preferences, but also (gently) advised and suggested others. She also suggested a product that she thought I might like, that was actually on my list, but had forgotten to ask about. Loved that.
Anyway, this is an edit of the products I have been wanting to try, and now have; and a few things that are on my shopping list to try later.
And you can shop Charlotte’s Black Friday offers here.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk & Lip Cheek Glow
I love a multitasking product (who doesn’t?) and this is a berry pink cream blush and lip tint in one, that gives a radiant glow. You can use a brush/brushes, or just your fingers to apply. Personally, I like to use my fingers to gently tap cream blushers on, then gently work in – a technique I have watched makeup artists do countless times on fashion shoots. The warmth of your hands always helps blend, and create a more natural look in my opinion.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes
Another award-winning product to try. I almost never wear mascara for day – only for going Out Out (remember when that was a thing?). I actually used to have much longer, thicker eyelashes, but with age they have really thinned out, so a little extra help is sometimes needed. I think this might be just what they need.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer
I love a bronzer, and I’m always chasing that sun-kissed complexion, be it natural during the summer months, or enhanced during the winter. I love the matte finish of this (award winning) one. I also love that once you’ve bought your first one (in a gorgeous, generously sized compact), you can then just purchase the refills. So less waste and more cost-effective – win-win!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Nude Pink Lipstick
I have wanted to try this (best selling – everyone RAVES about it!) matte, nude-pink lip colour for as long as I can remember. It did exactly what I’d (as a non lipstick wearer) hoped it would – simply gave me a better version of my own, natural lip colour/lip shape – a little enhancement if you like! That ever-elusive ‘done, but not done’ holy grail of makeup, and my favourite kind. Boom!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush
Another 2-in-one multi-purpose product. Use the fatter end for applying and blending foundation, and the smaller end for concealer. Perfect.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Medium – Beauty Light Wand
Haven’t got this yet, but it’s on my list. A peachy liquid blush.

Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir
I will be applying this hydrating serum before my moisturiser this evening. Fingers crossed I wake up with more youthful-looking skin!

Charlotte’s Magic Cream
I have been wanting to try this for a while now too. So this magic moisturiser was born backstage, where Charlotte created her own ‘secret recipe’ to use when prepping the skin of supermodels  for shows, and celebrities for the red carpet. The models would often (as they do – I used to have this all the time with models – their schedules are BRUTAL – I always felt so bad for them) – fly directly from job to job, across time zones, then go straight onto the next job with next to zero sleep. Obviously not ideal for your skin when you’re about to be photographed/hit the runway. When prepping their skin for makeup, Charlotte would use her own ‘magic formula’ cream. The models all used to talk about it – Charlotte’s ‘magic cream’, and that’s how the name first came about. Magic Cream hydrates, plumps, brighten and smoothes the look of your skin. Apparently Charlotte never applies makeup without applying it first. I literally cannot wait to try this – my sleep has taken a serious hit with the Christmas Gift Guides these last couple of weeks. My skin needs all the pumping and brightening it can get! This is next on my list (for doubling my chances)…

Sarah xx

ps: Charlotte Tilbury products would make gorgeous Christmas presents for all ages; from stocking-fillers to beautiful gift sets. These are some of my favourites (that I would be more than happy to see under our tree this year…).

pps: how cool is this? Many of the products are engraveable. Now this I did not know! And who doesn’t love a truly personal gift?

main image (top): Charlotte Tilbury

*This post is a paid partnership with Charlotte Tilbury. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*

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