24 Aug, 2022

Supermarket Chic

*Created in partnership with Ocado*

If you thought Ocado was just a (high end) grocery delivery service, think again. I have since discovered that they also do a huge range of bath/beauty/hair products (from the most indulgent Beauty Editor favourites – Votary, Bamford, Cowshed), right through to cheap and cheerful must-haves (keep reading for mine); home and lifestyle, even clothing. Here’s what I discovered…

First up I had no idea that they stocked Daylesford (other than the food that is – more of that later) – I have always loved and bought, amongst other things, their candles (great for the garden too, the glass jars are really sturdy), and I just ordered this super-chic bread bin (perfect for white kitchen lovers like me), which I had actually saw a few weeks ago when I was at Daylesford Farm in The Cotswolds). And Bamford, M&S – SO handy if you quickly need to add something onto your weekly shop – school uniform, Colin The Caterpillar, rainbow cake, or my kids’ favourite Parmesan Ravioli (I always have some in the fridge as it lasts for ages, and takes minutes to cook). Even knickers! Emma Bridgewater, Sophie Conran, Joseph Joseph… The list goes on…

 I’ve included an edit of my Beauty Favourites, i.e. things I already use and love, or have been meaning to try…
This Votary serum (have been meaning to try it forever).
I have super-dry skin and have been using this purse-friendly firming moisturiser for years now.
I have the kind of hair that always looks better a bit dirtier, and I literally cannot live without this (the original and still the best) and get through cans of the stuff!
You probably already know how much I rate this moisturiser, and have been using it for a couple of years now.
Apart from on holiday when I switch to white, I pretty much wear this year-round on my toes.
Can’t live without these (obviously) – where do they go??
Always been a big fan of this hand wash, and currently have it in both our bathrooms (lasts for ages too).
I almost always use some kind of cleansing balm, so these are perfect (and I love the little pouch they come in).
Favourite lip salve.
The only hair brush I own/use (when I actually use one that is).
Love this budget bodywash (and it smells so good).
I loathe the feeling of dry hands, so always have a good quality/great smelling hand cream within reach.
And finally, I love the look of these for travelling (and they’re a great price too).

I couldn’t do a post about Ocado and not include a few of my favourite grocery shopping trolley saves, could I?
I first had this delicious Daylesford soup at Rita Konig’s house at one of her (brilliant) workshops a few years ago, and it’s been a firm favourite ever since (Tom loves it too). It’s ridiculously good. This cheddar is so yummy, and who can resist a heart shaped cheese? Not me, clearly. Plus there’s always room for a bottle or two of delicious rosé as we head into (fingers crossed) an Indian Summer…

Sarah xx

ps: I have recently discovered dry skin brushing and I am very into it (and the immediate results – my skin has never felt softer).

pps: there’s also currently a Big Beauty Sale on – definitely worth a look to see if any of your favourites are in it…

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