7 Aug, 2020

Curvy Swim

I decided to do an additional swimwear post, this time focusing solely on options for ‘curvier’ bodies and/or those of you/us who happen to have ‘larger’ busts. I have always struggled with finding swimwear that fits (I long ago made the choice between fit and style when that choice had to be made – now, there are a lot more options thank goodness, so we no longer have to choose…). In fact, I would put shopping for swimwear as one of my most dreaded chores (and it is a chore, but one that has become slightly less painful when done online, where you can actually try on the swimwear in the comfort of your own home, with your own, slightly more forgiving  surroundings…), and one that I do once a year at most (and not this year, thanks to Covid).
Anyway, I have pulled together a little edit of options that I love (a mix of one and two-pieces that are either available in larger (ie, larger than a 14) sizes and/or are available in bra sizes/specifically designed for larger busts (I guess as a curvy size 12, I fit into the latter category).
As much as I love bows, ruffles, frills, pretty details (don’t worry – more of those later…) on swimwear, when it comes to my own swimwear choices, I tend to gravitate towards a simple, no fuss, sleeker style, (in my mind, I am Kate Moss, hanging out on a yacht in Ibiza…). I have always loved the classic (but always chic), silhouette of a well-cut strapless one-piece in black (as inspired by the ever popular (a favourite of  Kate’s and many other celebs, who know they have a good chance of being photographed when wearing theirs…). My favourite ‘curvy’ versions include , , and one.
I have to say though, it does seem that brands are finally getting onboard with the fact that just because you may not be a size 8-10, you don’t necessary want to opt for a ‘safer’ (aka boring) style of  bikini or one-piece. I love ,, (polka dots are always chic in my opinion) and is gorgeous if you’re looking for something more colourful.
When it comes to bikinis, my personal preference is always a larger, fifties-style bottom and a ‘smaller’, less stuctured top (to balance). But obviously you are all going to have your own preferences according to your own shapes and sizes, and which bits you prefer to highlight/hide. My favourites in this edit are this this, this and this one.
And finally, how fab is this button-up swimsuit? Mango has some really great ‘curve’ options.
Anyway, I hope this edit helps narrow down the search for your perfect suit/bikini. And remember, when you’re hitting the beach/pool/paddling pool for the first time (when, let’s face it, you might as well be naked!!), there will always be someone who’s more way more self-conscious than you. Plus, no one really cares!! So own it!

Sarah xx

ps: and while I’ve got your attention, all you gorgeous curvy girls out there, I did a mini H&M+ edit (scroll right down…). They’ve got some great things, most of which go up to a size 30.

H&M+ Edit