28 Sep, 2021

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Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a new bag in town on my Instagram feed. You may or may not know that I don’t actually buy many bags these days. I have definitely been sucked in by the various ‘It Bags’ back in the day (in my twenties and thirties), when I was a fashion editor at Glamour, Marie Claire, Red etc, but these days I prefer a more low-key style of bag; and just rotate my favourites. When Hopeful London kindly asked if I’d like to choose a bag, I hopped onto their website and was immediately drawn to the Manhattan (in black leather and suede). Simple, slouchy, stylish and low-key but also roomy (I may not buy many bags, but the ones I do buy tend to mostly be pretty small, often requiring the need for an ‘overspill’ tote bag. Annoying. Not the Manhattan). Suddenly I have a cool bag that I can actually chuck all of my stuff in (even my Mac Air at a pinch) and run out the door (my son even snuck his iPad in it the other day as we were heading out, and I didn’t even notice!!). You can also buy a gold chain long shoulder strap separately and attach it. Personally, I tend to just use the ‘grab handles’. It’s definitely filled a gap in my wardrobe that I didn’t even realise I had – a cool leather tote. Who knew? And so great with my Autum/Winter staples of jeans, jumpers, blazers and boots. And let me tell you, I get so many compliments and questions about it when I use it. I love that it’s completely unbranded – WAY cooler than a big ole’ label.
Other LS favourites include the Leather Liberty, the Shearling Manhattan, the Gold and Silver Liberty, the black velvet and lurex Soho, the Hudson, and look out for Barney – coming soon (we love the shearling in both the black and off-white)!
A little bit about the brand…
Hopeful London is a British brand inspired by luxury, simplicity and functionality. They create thoughtfully sourced collections, producing beautiful accessories for everyday life. Part of this process is considering how each design will be used and where and how it will be worn. Their belief is that products should be both long-lasting and beautiful – a philosophy built into every piece they make. Their offering is understated luxury with designs that transcend seasons and stand the test of time.
Established in England in 2017, Hopeful thrives on its commitment to sustainability, ensuring each item is of the highest quality and ethically produced. They are proud to share that their products are wholly designed and made here in the UK, supporting the re-growth of the British textiles industry. Striving to minimise the environmental impact of their business, Hopeful London adopt micro-manufacturing of products in small quantities, using small manufacturing facilities. This allows them to easily monitor the environment their products are developed in, minimise their carbon footprint, and ensure they have complete control over the design process, guaranteeing the quality of their products. They are equally aware of the social and environmental issues faced by the industry, and ensure every stitch in their production is made by a person who works in a safe environment, is paid a fair wage, and is treated respectfully. Welcome to the world of Hopeful.


Sarah xx

ps: if you do need a ‘overspill’ tote

*This post is a paid partnership with Hopeful London. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*