8 Feb, 2021

Hearts & Flowers

You don’t have to be in a ‘romantic’ relationship to show love, or simply show that you care/are thinking of someone. It doesn’t even need to be Valentines Day! If a global pandemic isn’t the perfect excuse, I don’t know what is?? And anyway, I’ve always been obsessed with heart shaped things for the home, as well as the word  LOVE on anything and everything for the home (and clothing)! After all, you can never have too much love, right?There isn’t a single thing in this edit that I would LOVE to receive!

Sarah  xx

ps: how gorgeous are these ‘Hounds of Love’ (calling all Kate Bush fans!) pyjamas from gorgeous new (to me anyway) British nightwear brand, Yawn. I’m loving the relaxed (perfect for lockdown!) fit, deep pockets (for those late night snacks! Haha!) and superfine “00” cotton – naturally breathable and temperature regulating. That’s a lot of ticked boxes right there! And heart prints are most certainly not just for Valentine’s Day.
Seriously though, pockets in pyjamas are not commonplace, but they should be! SO useful.

pps: was anyone else OBSESSED with this Robert Doisneau photo in the late eighties? Just me?