21 Jun, 2021

Family Staycation Style With Matalan


Shirred Blouse
Leopard Sandals
Towelling Hoodie
Paperbag Waist Shorts
Checked Frill Blouse
Quilted Cotton Bag
Broderie Sleeve T-shirt


Baseball Cap
Seersucker Swim Shorts
Linen Shorts
Flip Flops


Spotted Bikini
Broderie Dress
Puff Sleeved Top
Striped Playsuit
Gladiator Sandals
Denim Culotte Jumspsuit
Cotton Striped Dress
Scalloped Sandals


Half Zip Hoodie
Cargo Shorts
Long Sleeved T-shirt
High Tops
Skateboard T-shirt
Skinny Jeans
Flip Flops

Cotton Quilted Bag

Like most of you, I’m thinking about summer foreign holidays vs staycations (in fact, recently that’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about!). As a family, we usually go to Tuscany every summer, but as July and August draw closer, this is looking less likely to happen this year (although as I write this, things seem to be changing on an almost daily basis). So who knows? Obviously if you do decide to staycation in the UK, this could be pretty much anywhere (last August we went to the Scottish Highlands and had the most wonderful week’s holiday!), so our (and your) packing requirements could be quite varied (although to be honest, aren’t they always when we holiday in the UK, no mater where we go? You alway end up packing for every weather/eventuality). For this post I have partnered with  to bring you Staycation edits for all the  family. And let me tell you, they certainly had plenty of fab things to choose from (I’m already wearing a few of them!) in their .
Age-wise (and style-wise actually), I have selected for my kids/family (I have eleven year old boy/girl twins – Marlow and Tabitha, and a very particular husband when it comes to his clothes), but you can also find great things for younger kids, babies (boy and girl) and teens too.
I’ve focused on the pieces that I would pack for a staycation – a bit of everything (from swimwear, to pretty dresses and jewellery) and lots of layers!! I don’t suddenly want to wear those two-in-one trousers that zip off at the knee to become shorts (frankly I’d rather die…), orthopaedic footwear, or even a tracksuit for long car journeys (sorry, I just can’t…). I want comfort and style; and just because I may not be holidaying in foreign climes does not mean I drop my standards completely. I just adjust them ever so slightly…
Stand-outs for me include these shorts (love the paperbag waist and the roomy fit), blouse (I still live in my pretty blouses on holiday – they’re great for layering), which I’ve already been wearing – I love the smocking; these trousers (so comfy I kept them on to go to the cinema last night! I love the colour – great with all my staples – white, navy, khaki etc.) And as comfy as any pyjamas or trackies! hoodie (love the towelling – will layer over pretty white blouses. Also, towelling is definitely having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now – I predict that we’ll be seeing a lot more of it). These and these sandals; and this is literally the perfect ‘chuck-everything-in-but-it-still-looks-great-bag’. Love it.
You can also get great luggage to put it all in. We love the hard cases (the kids have these in each colour) and they come in a selection of sizes, depending on the length of your holiday and the width of your car boot.
Happy holidays (wherever you end up going)!

Sarah xx

ps: oh and I’ve also edited the (lo-fi) family entertainment for you – thisthese; and if you’ve still got room in the car, this.

pps: my kids were begging me to let them wear their pieces straight away (before I’d even had a chance to photograph them)! They loved them (Tabitha’s favourites: this and these; and Marlow loved this and these). Praise indeed (trust me, they are VERY picky)!

ppps: Tom’s favourites (if you’re interested?) are these and these.

pppps: I can never resist a gold lurex stripe

*This post is a paid partnership with Matalan. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*