16 May, 2023

ME+EM Spring/Summer Edit

 ME+EM in a nutshell: intelligent style for intelligent women, now and forever. What's not to love about that?

This is a brand that we have been a fan of for some time now, and I’m sure you’re already familiar with it as it’s regularly featured in our edits. It’s actually hard to think of another brand that does what they do, as well as they do. In their own words:
“A great deal of thought goes into each and every piece to ensure it is flattering and functional, with wear-forever appeal”. We couldn’t agree more.

We love their considered edits of (always chic) style solutions (for every scenario, from the office, the weekend, holidays, to events and parties) that they update monthly. These are certainly not pieces to be worn once and discarded – these are beautifully made wardrobe staples to wear and treasure for years to come. We particularly love their tailoring (so great!) and their dresses (just gorgeous!). The details and the fit is what will keep you coming back.
Sarah (as a former fashion editor and stylist) has always loved their styling/campaigns too – effortless, timeless but still fashion-forward (not to be confused with ‘fashion fads’). That’s a tricky balance to achieve.

They also always have the cleverest layering pieces (this  being a case in point)  Sarah chose it to wear with the white tuxe trouser suit (made up of this and these), which meant she could wear it undone without the vest breaking the effect of the simple suit. She also loves that it gives a modern, feminine take on the classic waistcoat for a three piece suit look. Plus it means you can get the look of wearing a trouser suit with nothing underneath, but the confidence and ease of knowing there is the finest of layers there. Pretty genius.

So,  ME+EM in a nutshell: intelligent style for intelligent women, now and forever. What’s not to love about that?

ps: you can also read about the brand’s ethos on sustainability and their suppliers. Total transparency.

Created in collaboration with ME+EM