19 Feb, 2020

Modern Bride

Now I’m no authority on brides and what they should/shouldn’t wear (full disclosure: I’ve never actually been one, but that’s another story, for later…), but I do know a beautiful bride when I see one; and I can definitely find the most beautiful dresses, bags, shoes and hair accessories. And so I did!
I haven’t just focused on the more ‘traditional’ (whatever that means anway??) style of wedding dresses (or indeed, shoes/bags/accessories) – I’ve gathered together as broad an edit together as possible – long, short, classic, modern… For every style of bride, with every size of budget. After all, there is no law that I know of that states that you have to marry in a long white dress, accessorised with a veil and a diamanté sling-back kitten heel. Well, not in my book anyway.
So if you are a bride-to-be, looking for some inspiration, I hope you will find some here. And I must confess, I have LOVED compiling this post. So if you enjoy it even half as much, I’ll be happy!

Sarah xx

ps: ok, so rewind to May 2009. Tom proposed (unexpectedly I might add); I got the most beautiful antique diamond engagement ring; I started ploughing through issues of Brides magazine; and I even tried on a couple of dresses (Lanvin as I recall). Then, boom! I got knocked up with twins (most definitely not on my To Do list); and as the story goes, the wedding  fell to the bottom of that To Do list, never to budge again. End of story. Not necessarily the most traditional of fairytale endings, but as John  Lennon once famously said, “life’s what happens to you when you’re busy making other (aka wedding) plans”.


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