25 Mar, 2020

My (Stay at Home) Style

Quite a few of you have been asking for ideas/inspiration for what to wear if you’re on full lockdown/house arrest. I really haven’t been posting any outfits on Instagram, as it’s really been the last thing I’ve felt like doing (it’s not my favourite thing to do at the best of times to be honest…), but this a pretty accurate edit of the kind of pieces (many of which I already own) that have been on heavy rotation.
This week’s Sunday Style (‘Sunday Stay at Home Style’) will be a more comprehensive edit, including lots more options of all my favourite pieces/looks – pyjamas, jumpsuits, (the most stylish) loungewear, cashmere,what to wear on you feet etc.  etc. So look out for that.
Below is what I’ve bought this week. I’ve started running again (God, it feels so good to just get out the house and RUN – so good for my head. And much needed…), so it’s mostly been a case of running related things. More home and garden content coming soon.

Take care and please stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: very tempted by these lovely muslin I have to say…

pps: however, if you fancy a ‘pyjama upgrade’, these are my aboslute favourites. And you can still get 25% off (with the code LS25) until midnight on Monday.