14 Jun, 2021

Staycation Style

It seems that a lot of you are in the process of planning some kind of ‘staycation’. With most countries still off limits, holidaying closer to home is very much on the agenda. But if we’re holidaying in the UK, certain sartorial considerations need to be taken into account before you start packing. We’ve pulled together a tight edit of pieces that will work for all weathers, and more importantly, with each other, to provide an easy, but still stylish staycation wardrobe.
I’m not saying you need to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe – far from it! You probably already own many of these pieces (or similar) anyway (particularly if you’ve been a LS reader for a while – almost all of these are Little Spree staples). Perhaps you just need to invest in one or two pieces to mix in with exisiting favourites. Or perhaps you just need a bit of a steer on what to pull out and pack from your own wardrobe? I always love these colours together – khaki, navy, white, cream, black, blues… Because they do all work well together, so you can’t really go wrong. And I really don’t want to have to think too hard about what to wear each morning when I’m on holiday with my family, and we just want to get up and out (as opposed to rolling out of bed and down to the pool in a swimsuit and flip flops…).
I do always seem to gravitate towards quite tomboy-ish pieces, but I still always love a little prettiness to an outfit (even if I’m walking up a hill in the sheeting rain…). My favourite thing is to layer one of my (many) pretty white blouses (preferably with a // collar and/or cuff) under a jumper (//funnel neck) or . The extra layer keeps you toasty (but not sweating!) and helps you feel less, well, like a rambler. I also like to then wear a slimmer jean and boots (I’m thinking more for lower temperatures/possible rain here) with a , then chuck on a more .
I think I’m going to invest in this after getting caught in not one, but two huge downpours on a mini gold course last Sunday (I was wearing a tweed blazer and jeans – not ideal). I like the fact that you can just chuck it over your regular clothes without having to think about the proportions (it just covers everything!). And I like the colour. I have actually never (true story) invested in any kind of weather-proof coat/jacket, ever, but after the May we’ve had here in England, I seriously need to address this.
I have lived in these boots this winter (in fact, I was wearing them just this morning!), and stomped through the second lockdown in them, in all kinds of weather. I love them with a slim/skinny/kick-flare jean. Personally, I don’t love a welly (although I do like the little short ones), so unless I have to, I prefer something along these lines.
Breton stripes, broderie anglaise, dungarees and (again, layer shirts and blouses and chunky knit cardigans under/over both), jeans (obviously), cashmere (obviously), and overshirts (great for adding an extra layer when needed) – they’re all here.
For the sake of this post, I’ve tried to keep in mind all types of staycations and weather conditions (from Cornwall to The Highlands). You may well be near a beach and need sandals and cut-off shorts (lucky you!). And everyone should pack a in their bag, as you just never know! Ditto a swimsuit, a cashmere sweater, some kind of cosy, but lightweight scarf and your sunnies!

Sarah xx

ps: I’ve always wanted one of these (preferably one that’s already beaten up and worn in). I borrowed one once on a shoot in the Brecon Beacons and it was so great – kept me toasty and dry. I wore it over a t-shirt and a super-warm chunky knit cardigan). Loved it!

pps: love a cashmere hoodie (another great layering piece).

ppps: I never leave for any kind of holiday (anywhere in the world) without at least one .

Photo: Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon