30 Jan, 2022

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday!
The last Sunday Style in January, and it’s a goodie, even if I do say so myself.
Roll on February!

Sarah xx

ps: for anyone interested, my most-worn item of the year so far is, without doubt,  I literally LIVE in them (I’m even wearing them now!). As soon as I get home I want to get straight into them (I wear them with ), and I wear them to sleep in too (soft, cosy, but not too warm). I love that they’re SO comfortable (made from the softest cotton), but also pretty. I wear them with my sometimes (never further than the doorstep to collect them milk in the morning though…). They are see-through for sure, but fine with a nude coloured bikini style pant (I think). I actually love them so much, I am thinking of buying a second pair. I never do that crazy sh*it like that!

pps: already day dreaming about summer holidays. Love (in the black and the bran).

ppps: is a really good deal. I already have the (I barely take them out – I love them), but if I didn’t I would be snapping this up for sure. I currently have in my basket already. I am such a  big fan of Missoma, but the best thing about their jewellery is that you can wear  it all the time (I wear mine in the shower, swimming…) and the gold never tarnishes/discolours/needs re-dipping. That sounds like it should be a given, but this is definitely not the case for many other lovely brands at similar price points.

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