26 Jan, 2020

Sunday Style

So, Little Spree is back! Apologies for the little (unscheduled, and rather stressful) hiatus. I had already compiled most of this edit before the site went down, as it was the Sunday Style scheduled for last Sunday. So I have just added a few more things that I have found this week. Plenty of great things around to choose from!
On Wednesday Sézane very kindly invited me to their Westbourne Grove store where I was able to choose a pair of jeans from the newly redesigned denim collection (which has been completely redesigned, and now includes “more fitted and flattering cuts; styles suitable for all body shapes, from  sizes 34 to 46”; and most importantly, is ‘eco-responsible’), and a top to wear with them. I have been noticing a gap in my denim drawer from some now – for some slim black jeans with a high-ish waist. And are them! They are a super-flattering shape and cut, and the high waist keeps everything (in my case, the post-Christmas junk in my trunk) firmly in place.  They are just perfect. And they’re really comfy too. I’ll share a pic of me wearing them on Instagram.
I then choose blouse of DREAMS!!  Now even for a professional, hardened collector of Victorian-inspired (and actual vintage Victorian) white blouses such as myself, the beautiful details on this particular one meant it was love at first sight that ran too deep to ignore.
The only other thing I have physically tried on this week is boots. Now I would never have considered trying them on if I’d seen this picture first (sorry M&S, just being honest), so luckily for us I hadn’t, so I did. They are SO good! The leather is super-soft, and the gold is a dull, matt gold (think Sweethearts of the Rodeo, but with  a very different price tag…) . The shape is spot-on too. I’m telling you, these boots are THE BOMB.

Sarah xx

ps: coming soon on Little Spree (by popular request): ‘Gallery Walls’ and ‘Stylish Party Bags’ (for kids this time!).