24 Jul, 2022

Sunday Style

Today’s edit is a whopper (the biggest ever in fact)! But it’s the last Sunday Style of the summer, so I thought I’d better go all out as it’s got to see you through to September. It’s also a real mix – everything from boots (but how could I not share my latest Isabel purchase, that are now 50% off (sadly they weren’t when I bought mine…) to bikinis. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…

I have already seen a bit of Autumn/Winter (I know) starting to filter through (let me assure you, I very much not here for it). Urgh. BUT, there are some great (sale) bargains out there, plus a few real high street gems, so forgive me for including the smallest smattering of Autumn/Winter, but I just couldn’t not.
Whilst I’m away, remember there’s the LS SHOP section (top left of the menu bar on the home page), and keep an eye on Instagram, as I will be sharing what I’m up to in Italy on there. Have a great summer! Thank you as always for all your support – as you know it means the world.
See you on the other side…

Sarah xx

ps: how cool are these?

pps: this just arrived (from last weeks’s SS) and it’s SO good. Love it. And such a great price too.

ppps: if you’re looking for a simple, cotton (I’m sorry, but it’s cotton all the way in the heat, and you can forgot any type of thong/G-string!) bikini style knicker, I just bought these in nude and white to take on holiday.

pppps: for the canine’s in your life? How cute!

Main image: Free People