11 Sep, 2022

Sunday Style

A sad week for sure (anyone else literally glued to the television/radio?), but (93% of) you said you’d like to see Sunday Style as usual today, so here we are. Sending lots of love to you all.

Sarah xx

ps: boots though. SO good with dresses.

pps: how gorgeous is dress? Imagine with …

ppps: I have been wearing my Iris jumpsuit a lot recently (turns out it’s the perfect Autumnal piece, worn with ankle boots/my trusty Vans – I always struggle to know what to wear at this time of year…). There are a couple of sizes (I would generally recommend sizing down, as the fit it quite generous) left, as Iris did another small run with some excess fabric (waste not want not). So if you didn’t manage to get one the first time around, you might get lucky now… It really is the most versatile piece.

pppps: seriously thinking I might need one of (fab for the price)? But what I really want is one of these. That bow!

Main image: Mango