22 Mar, 2020

Sunday Style

Let’s face it, there’s nothing remotely ‘normal’ about today. Except Sunday Style landing in your inbox that is.
Some things will obviously be more relevant than others (looking at you, gorgeous with a 4″ heel/…) , but the consensus was that you all wanted a little ecaspism, and I totally get that (because I want some too). I’m tempted by  (beyond) gorgeous dress, just to waft around the house in…
So whether you’re shopping or just browsing, I just hope you manage to enjoy it.

Sarah xx

ps: next week will be ‘Stay at home Sunday Style’. I know I for one need some inspiration – I’ve literally been wearing the same (favourite) grey sweatshirt and jeans for days now…

pps: I had a pair of a few summers’ ago. Best sandals I’ve ever bought. Something to look forward to perhaps?

ppps: my faourite John Lewis own brand,  currently has 30% off. Definitely worth a look – love their Californian-esque, laid-back pieces.