26 Jul, 2020

Sunday Style

Even by my standards, this week’s edit is pretty random… But then I don’t know about you, but everything just feels a bit random these days. I literally ricochet (sartorially at least) from high summer to bleak mid-winter from one day to the next, sometimes with multiple outfit changes throughout the day! And with no sunny summer holiday on the horizon, my shopping choices are even more random than ever! And my head has already been turned by the first ‘drop’ of the Autumn/Winter collections online. So with all that in mind, here’s a very random (this week’s post is sponsored by the word ‘random’) mix of things that I just happen to really like!
Make of it what you will.

Sarah xx

ps: and if you loved Kate Moss’s look last week as much as me, you’re only a few clicks away from , , , , andClassic Kate.

pps: love this pretty dress from .