13 Sep, 2020

Sunday Style

This week I am all about the cream dress, namely this and this one (which is already in my wardrobe). Autumn may be just around the corner, but I won’t be packing this dreamboat of a dress away, that’s for sure. I’ll be wearing it with boots and tweed jackets/coats/chunky cardigans. I won’t be hibernating any of my blouses (this vintage-style one is the latest addition to my collection, and arrived just today – I wore it with dungarees) either. Instead I’ll be wearing them with jeans, boots and belts like this.
Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: my favourite ‘non-welly’ wellies

pps: this is a great jacket, and currenty reduced. One of those Marant style jackets that you rarely find on the high street. Soooooo tempted…

pps: I received  quite a few messages after posting a pic on Instagram Stories of me with this bag. Many of you will know this already, but honestly, this is hands-down the most worn bag I have ever owned.  And it still looks like new. And I still love it.  I had been ‘resting’ it for a while, after getting my (much longed for) Chanel 2.55 last summer. But I think she might be back for  a while now…