20 Sep, 2020

Sunday Style

Has another week really passed already? How??
Anyway, here’s this week’s edit. Loving all the Autumn/Winter pieces filtering through now (I have (reluctantly) put my sandal collection out to pasture, and wore boots for the first time on Friday). The shift is happening.
How good is dress from M&S?? Yes please! And as I’ve said before (but I will also say it again!), I love a white cotton dress every bit (well ok, almost) as much in during the winter as in the summer.  So great with boots and oversized blazers/knits/army jackets.
Love the idea of  layering a under a summer .
And how pretty are ?
Have a great Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: I love a cleansing balm, and have it on good authority that one is amazing. Just ‘added to basket’. Will report back.

pps: this is the amazing parka I shared on Instagram Stories on Friday. It’s hands-down the best parka I have ever tried on. So lovely! Cool and cosy (no mean feat).