4 Oct, 2020

Sunday Style

Now this week’s haul was a particularly  good one, even if I do say myself. I kind of want everything… And that is  not an ideal situation, believe me.
Special mentions this week go to…
blazer. SO good.
bow flats. SO chic. I would wear them with a chunky knit and cropped jeans, as well as voluminous dresses. They look way more expensive than their price tag too. Bonus.
Loving the shape of slouchy jeans. I’m feeling there’s a gap in my jeans drawer for them in the pale grey.
Yes I’m still banging on about the merits of the . If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, trust me, you  need one. Love the added shoulder drama.
tweed jacket (love it in both colours, but the brown really reminds me of my  trusty Margaret Howell one that I have had for close to ten years now, and I still wear all the time – it’s such a useful (not to be confused with dull!) piece.
And finally, a really fab . The exact same print and ‘fur’ as my Mango one that I know so many  of you love (and wish you’d bought…), but a slightly different shape. This one actually looks like a vintage find. Love, love, love!

Have a great Sunday! See you next week.

Sarah xx

ps: I have been using cleansing balm for the past week now, and absolutely love it.