27 Oct, 2020

Sunday Style

Pinch, punch, first day of the month!
How are you doing?
The Christmas Gifts Guides have really taken it out of me this week  (I know, I know –  I’m hardly saving lives here…), so I’m a bit dry of chat to be honest.
However, the LS sartorial highlight of the week is a BRILLIANT discovery at M&S. Not by me, but my lovely friend, Claire.  She found this beauty in store, and says she’s not used another bag since! I think we all know the reference, but this is the best high street lookalike I have seen (and Claire assures me that the quality is great, and that it looks waaaaaay more ££ than it is. I think I’m going to pop it on my own Christmas list! So thank you Claire!
Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: have you had a chance to check out the LS Gift Guides yet? Hopefully plenty of inspiration for your Christmas shopping lists.
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pps: best cashmere beanie I’ve ever owned. Fact.

ppps: I am literally living in these boots. I bought them last winter (I wore them loads then too, but mostly for muddy walks in the park…), but this year they’ve barely been off my feet!

pppps:  Santa, if you do happen to be reading? Just going to very casually mention thisthis, and this