10 Jan, 2021

Sunday Style

To be honest I wasn’t even sure about posting at all this week? But I figured after the week we’ve just witnessed/experienced, perhaps half an hour’s fashion escapism might be just what we need?
So what’s caught my eye this week? jeans, boots (giving me all the Jérôme Dreyfus vibes…), cosy puffa (it might finally be time to pop my puffa cherry…), and although I am most definitely not in the market for another one (at the last count I had ten…), if I was, gorgeous white blouse would already be in my basket by now!
Sending you lots of love today. Please wear a mask, and stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: this is my cable knit that’s been getting a lot of love on Instagram lately…

ps: guess what? My favourite, and most worn jacket (that’s really warm by the way, so I wear it instead of a coat unless it’s sub zero…) of 2020 has FINALLY gone on sale!! . This is the only place I’ve seen it discounted though (and I’ve been looking, so I can share it with you, as I know so many of you love it).