21 Feb, 2021

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday! Get comfy, it’s a whopper this week…

Sarah xx

ps: my God, the perfect ‘Kate’ are currently 20% off (thanks Gemma for sharing). Still pretty pricey, yes, but a great investment boot that goes with so much. Sooooo temptiong…  I  love the black, but if you love my (old, but much loved) John Lewis burgundy boots, these also come in the and look so similar.

pps: I have been  hearing lots of industry whispers about how great are (also, denim ruffle shirt is so like my Isabel one…). So I have ordered a few pairs to try on and see for myself. I will report back.

ppps: ‘Petite’ post is coming next week, so look out for that one.  Then a ‘Curvy’ post (in the meantime, how fab is ??).

pppps: so after MUCH searching, this is the electric stove I went for in the end – the Huntington 20 matt black (it also comes in cream) electric stove (615475) with a clear door, and  matt black flue collar (999-010) and flue length  (4501MB). I got ours from A Bell and they were really helpful (it was definitely not ideal, choosing such a ‘big’ item for my home  without actual seeing it in real life). They didn’t have the exact style I wanted on their website, but they ordered it in for me, as I  knew exactly what I wanted  (surprise surprise!). The flue is obviously purely ornamental, but I really wanted one, so the overall effect was as close to the real thing as possible. If I can’t have a real woodburner (or a gas version), I certainly want as good a dupe as possible! It comes with the ‘logs’ and ’embers’ and you arrange them yourself. This bit is little fiddly, and definitely took a bit of trial and error (you can’t really tell until the fire is switched on, and obviously it’s not on when you’re arranging…). I would definitely recommend ditching the large crystal stone things – way too blingy for anything remotely authentic looking. We just added  a few of the  small crystals underneath the ‘logs’, as they reflect the light in a pretty effective way. Anyway, it’s totally up to you  of course, but that would be my advice. The fire also has lots of  (unnecessary) settings – ‘Halloween’, ‘disco’ etc. etc. (those are not the official  terms…). We did have a laugh trying them out though!
Anyway, to sum up, if, like us, you are unable to have a real or a gas fire, and you  want to woodburner style, this is a pretty good option (and much cheaper than a real/gas one). I will share some pics on Instagram soon. I will also (as promised) do a dedicated post ‘woodburner’ post, to include all the other options I found through run search.

ppppps: tall girls, have you checked out last week’s Tall Style (Round II) post yet? So many great (super-stylish) ideas and tips.