23 May, 2021

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday!

Lots of gorgeous goodies for you again this week. How great are these ? Honestly, I cannot stress how useful a gold shoe can be. From a to or sandal, an injection of gold into a low-key outfit (particularly with or rolled ) is a game-changer. Loving (again, fab with jeans and khaki, but also with black/white summer dresses…) and (The Row vibes minus the re-mortgaging your house to  pay for them…) too.

Sarah xx

ps: how good do these look!

pps: need any Father’s Day gift inspiration? Look no further than right here.

ppps: lots of questions about things I’ve shared on Instagram recently. Thought I’d share some of the direct links here:

Gold screw bracelet
 Printed blouse and matching trousers 
Quilted ballet flats
Striped jumper
Green trousers
My favourite running top
(I’m also quite tempted by this as I seem to be running in the rain A LOT these days!!)