27 Jun, 2021

Sunday Style

It’s a bumper Sunday Style this week!
Loving this (above) and dress from gorgeous new Australian label, Alémais, and  fab bag from Mango. The rest I’ll let you discover (and hopefully love) for yourself.
Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: how pretty is this dress? And it comes in black too.

pps: how brilliant is ?

ppps: for anyone reading this who has a larger rack, I ordered bra the other day and it’s really great. A really good fit (I ordered a couple of sizes to compare – I rarely get it right first time, as I find bra sizing varies massively from brand to brand); not hideous (always a bonus with bras in larger sizes!!) and super-comfortable (a rarity let’s face it). I love that the straps are soft (albeit sturdy) ribbon, so none of that dreaded (and oh so familiar) cutting into your shoulders (urgh). So I wanted to share. It comes in back and nude. My other go-to bra when you want something really minimal (I tend to wear these more for evening and during the summer…) are these. I particularly like that they have thinner straps. Oh and did I mention, that Emmanuelle Alt is a fan?

pppps: in case you missed it