4 Sep, 2022

Sunday Style


Sunday Style is back!
Did you have a lovely summer? I can’t believe that the last time I shared a SS edit it was July! How is that even possible?
And now it’s Autumn, my favourite of all the seasons (bring on the chunky knits, boots, jeans, blazers, shirts, blouses, coats, and all the gorgeous, endless layering opportunities…).
This week’s edit is a bit of a mix – there is plenty of autumn newness of course, but a few lingering too (but only things that I think are worth snapping up to stash away for next summer, or things that will carry you through to winter; that can be worn different ways for the different seasons).
Happy scrolling! It’s good to be back.
Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah xx

ps: I bought iconic (100% influenced by Le Moss, like most purchases around that time…) jumper back in 2008 as I recall, and it was my favourite ever. I LIVED in it. I was travelling to New York a lot at the time for shoots (I was working as a Fashion Editor at Glamour), and I would get stopped wherever I went (on the streets, in restaurants…), and asked about it. It was also what I wore (with a white denim mini and black ballet flats) for my first day back at Glamour after a year’s maternity leave, back in 2010. Anyway, I definitely still have it somewhere (probably in the attic), but I think it’s probably a little more of a snug fit than I would want today (and I’m pretty sure it has holes under the arms where I literally wore it out), so I have treated myself and have ordered a new one (I think it might be a chunkier knit too?). Such a special piece.

pps: and talking of Kate Moss, boots are definitely giving me Kate vibes. They’d be so great with (in black).

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