17 Mar, 2020

£20 Or Less

I had to pop out to the shops  today, and on impulse decided to treat myself. As self-indulgent as it probably sounds, I was just feeling a bit fed up, and spotted a beautiful white potted hydrangea next to the food hall in M&S (yes, I’m always in there!!), and just grabbed it and paid for it at the self-checkout with my milk and (full disclosure) chocolate pretzels (have you tried them??). It was pretty large and awkward to carry back to the car, but I just felt compelled to buy something beautiful that I knew would make me happy every time I look at it (and I will be looking at it A LOT). Sounds silly? Probably. But I have to say, it really did the trick. At home, I decanted it into a suitably old and shabby pot from the garden, and placed it on the little table in out back courtyard ‘garden’, in full view, right in front of the french doors. And yes, it did the trick.
Now, the hydrangea plant I bought is not online sadly (although M&S does have many other lovely that are), but it was £15.00 and worth every penny (it also comes in pink by the way). It just proves the point that you really don’t need to spurge on big purchases to make you feel good/better (in fact, often those guilty spurges have the opposite effect, after the initial ‘rush’/high). Of course, you don’t have to buy anything! But I decided to compile an edit of random things that, if you feel like treating yourself in these strange times, I think you might like. And they are all £20.00 or less. In fact most of them are a lot less. And some are arguably more indulgent then others, but I think we deserve a little treat – whether it’s a straw , a bottle of (with bonus free delivery!), a jar of neon pink tipped , a pretty (size up), or some Le Labo , which you might not ordinarily buy (but let’s face it, these are extraordinary times); all of these are relatively guilt-free.

Sarah xx

ps: SO want !! SO cannot justify another set of salt and pepper shakers. More’s the pity.

pps: this adroable bunny hand mirror was a birthday present from my lovely friend, Claire. And honestly, it literally brings me joy every time I look at it! One of my favourite (and the most unexpected) gifts ever. It definitely ticks the box of ‘the perfect treat’.