22 Sep, 2020

Art etc

I started working on a ‘little’ home edit, which quickly turned into a slightly larger home edit. I love it when that happens!
I’ve included quite a few pictures/prints, because after posting a photo of one (natch) of my ‘gallery walls’ on Instagram the other day, I had SO many messages/emails!! Personally I love a real mix of art, but there are definitely certain ‘things’ I always find myself drawn to. So I have added some in (some of which are similar to pictures I have), in the hope that you will like them too.

Sarah xx

ps: you might want to check out this post if you haven’t already?

pps: how sweet is this for a baby/child’s room?

ppps: for anyone living in West/South West London, I couldn’t recommend this little framers more highly. I get pretty much all my pictures framed here, and have done for years.