17 Apr, 2020

Bedroom Frills

If money is a little tight, but I yearn for something new in my home, I sometimes like to treat myself to new bedlinen. It always feels so decadent somehow. It can also make your bedroom feel very different without the disruption of re-painting, or the expense of new furniture. And if money is particularly tight, or you’re trying to minimise spending on ‘non-essential’ items (I’m sure many of us are feeling this in these uncertain times right now…), a little tip of mine it to just treat  yourself to a pair of new pillowcases. You still get ‘the thrill of the new’ and the your bed still gets a mini makeover. And you get to sleep on brand new (ironed!!) bedding – always such a treat.
I’m loving all the gorgeous, romantic frills and ruffles (well I love them on everything else, so why not on the bed?) that I keep seeing on bedding everywhere at the moment. So I thought I’d share my favourites (including this duvet set, which combines two of my favourites – ruffles and stripes. Totally dreamy…). And you don’t necessarily have to go for ‘full on frills’ – think about layering with plain or printed bedding – mix and match your pillowcases (I do like to keep the same prints in pairs though, so will always buy pairs).

Sarah xx

ps: also loving anything with a edge right now…

Little Spree Favourites For Bedlinen
Camomile London
Coco  & Wolf
Harriet Hare

Numero 74

Zara Home