18 Jul, 2022

For The Love Of Pink

Pink Sofa

Pink Sofas

I have wanted a pink sofa for as long as I can remember (I had also shot in India Hicks’ house on Harbour Island in The Bahamas a couple of times for work, and coveted hers). And I have always loved pink for interiors. Not just any old pink (or should I say, ‘pinks’?) though, it has to be just the right tone for the given space. And never too much.

We have had two identical sofas (the Bluebell from sofa.com – the 2.5 seater in a taupe coloured linen – I went for a neutral, knowing that I could that experiment/update with print and colour with cushions, blankets and quilts, which I did) positioned opposite each other in our open-plan sitting room (which I don’t actually like, but that’s another story) since we moved in 10 years ago, and they have served us well and survived twins from ages two (including potty training!) to twelve, plus two cats although admittedly they were staring to look a little ‘tired’ if I am honest.

Pink Sofa

I am always drawn to the more traditional sofa styles, and I love the legs with the bronze castors/wheels at the front – to me they always have a certain elegance about them, but they’re also great in ‘smaller spaces’ visually, with the gap between the sofa and the ground (just a little trick of the eye I guess?).

Anyway, back to the pink sofas. I knew I wanted our next sofas to be pink, but must admit that Instagram has slightly put me off after pink sofas starting ‘trending’. Urgh. I do not buy furniture with trends in mind – furniture is generally a large investment, with a price tag to reflect that, and I wasn’t planning on replacing them before another 10 years, ideally. I knew I wanted them long-term, but the trend element put me off as I was worried that might make me tire of them too quickly. So I parked the pink dream. For the time being at least.

Pink Sofa UK

I started looking for replacement sofas, and just kept coming back to the Bluebell (if it ‘aint broke right? It’s stylish, comfortable, simple…). But was that just too boring to replace like for like? Then, boom! Sofa.com adds a new colour to the fabric range (which was already pretty extensive to be fair) – yes, you’re guessed it, pink! But not just any old pink – the most perfectly dusky, dirty, sludgy pink (and this are all compliments but the way! This was my kind of pink!). Decision made. Plus, I had to remind myself of my mantra when it comes to clothes (which of course, applies to interiors too) – if you love it/them, you love it. That’s enough! That’s all that matters.

I ordered the fabric swatch (I would never, ever advise choosing a sofa colour without one, at the very least – ideally a trip the showroom if at all possible), loved it, then also paid a visit to the sofa.com showroom in Chelsea. They didn’t have our exact sofa in the pink, but they did have a chair, so I could get a very good idea of how they would look. And I loved it.

Pink Sofas

We also decided to go for the slightly longer size this time, the three seater Bluebell (and they’re perfect). The exact colour we have is ‘rhubarb’, which to me suggests a slightly darker, deeper pink, but it is in fact, the perfect shade. And I couldn’t be happier (and incase you’re wondering – my husband and kids love them too – one of the delivery guys, not so much, haha!). And I am still adding different print and colour with cushions (currently a mix of ticking stripes and block prints) etc. as before, just perhaps a little bit less.

Photos | Shona Wong

Pink Sofas UK


Pink Sofas 2022


And whilst I am in the mood for pink, I thought I’d do a more general pink interiors edit (below) if you also fancy a little flourish of pink in your home (whether it be a rug or a butter dish). I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Sarah xx

pps: not for our space, but I also really love the Issac (above). So chic. Looks fab in the rhubarb too.

pps: l also love this. Imagine how comfortable it would be for watching TV/reading… Hmm.

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