28 Mar, 2020

Garden Chic

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden right now, chances are you’ve been hanging out in it A LOT over this last week or so. And, weather permitting, will be doing a lot more ‘garden hanging’ in the coming weeks too. So with this in mind, I thought a garden post might be a welcome (and hopefully, useful) one.
The furniture and accessories you chose can (and will!) transform your garden/outdoor space (no matter how tiny). Things like mirrors (ideal for small spaces – we have this one in our back courtyard garden), pretty glass lanterns, hanging on metal crooks; festoon lights, bamboo lanterns (grouped together on tables and ledges with various other candle holders), mismatched chair cushions etc.
At the moment I’m also loving all the outdoor sofas I keep seeing everywhere. Love this one, this one (so chic), or even a whole set… Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space (and style). I’m also liking thisthis (imagine with piles of gorgeous cushions!) and this.
And although these do remind me of the terrace in The Golden Girls, I would LOVE these
Stay safe.

Sarah xx


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