19 Mar, 2020

What To Watch?

Wherever you’re reading this, I hope you (and your loved ones) are safe and well. I’m feeling very weird (and so eloquent, clearly!) about everything, but (until the kids are home full-time from Monday) am trying to keep myself (and my mind) busy as much a possible. A mixture of compiling a few posts (that I think might be helpful/provide a welcome distraction, however fleetingly); helping elderly/quarantined neighbours with their grocery shopping (proving more and more challenging by the day, in Richmond at least…); and cleaning like a maniac (not for the hygiene as much as the  physical  activity/mental distraction – the hygiene is simply a bonus! Our toilets have never been cleaner!).
But I  know, as we’re all hankering down, and preparing for possible self-isolation for the foreseeable future, TV series/box sets are crucial to keep our sanity (for me, just knowing that I have, even just one, episode of a great show to watch in the evening after a challenging day, is enough), and so I  figured it would be nice to pool our resources and share our/your favourites with each other. Thank you to everyone who got in touch to share theirs. I have just included the ones that seem to be the favourites, and to be honest, the same shows kept coming up again and again. Some I’ve watched (mostly with Tom), some I haven’t, but I’ve indicated when I have. I hope it’s useful anyway. I know it has been for me.
Let me know how you get on? And of course, feel free to share any new suggestions  (old or new) – who knows how long we’re going to be in this…
Take care. And, as always, thank you for your continued support. This is not about shopping, fashion, or clothes. It’s about community. And however small, we are one. We have that.


ps: another post will be hitting your inboxes soon, sharing all the things (a random mix, even for me!!) I have been ordering online (non-fashion  related). Stay tuned.

pps: arrived for Marlow yesterday, and they’re fab. He loves them. Perfect for comfortable home-schooling. Cool and comfortabe = perfect. And now 50% off. I’ve also ordered this pair.

ppps: this is my cleaning guru (the post on ‘How to Naturally Clean a Toilet’ is a particular favourite…). Great for making your  own natural cleaning products too.


LS Watch List

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)
Everyone’s loving this. It’s next on our list.
The Morning Show (Apple TV)
We watched the last one the other day. SO good. We have Apple TV, but if you don’t I think you can get a free trial?
The Split (BBC)
Loved it.
The Stranger (Netflix)
Loved it.  Although still wondering how the PE teacher across the road afforded that big house,  car etc. I mean, it doesn’t keep me awake at night or anything, but…
Noughts & Crosses (BBC)
We’ve only watched the first one (then got sidetracked by  The Morning Show),but really liked it. Great to watch something so original.  It’s pretty compelling, and really makes you think.
Succession  (HBO)
Probably the most recommended of all the programmes. We just watched episode one last night. Not hooked yet, but have heard it’s ‘a grower’… 
Chenobyl (HBO/Sky)
Again, loads of recommendations, but I just found episode 1 too harrowing/full-on (I  tried watching it last Summer when Tom and the kids were in Italy – maybe not an ideal time to go in?). I do keep meaning to give it another go though. I’m sure I’ll be desperate to watch it in a few weeks time!!
The Guilt (BBC)
Girl/Haji (BBC)
Call my Agent (Netflix)
About a Paris talent agency. I have inside info from someone who works in a similar agency that it’s very accurate. Really like the sound of this.
Liar (ITV)
Never fancied it, but again, came up a lot. And again, I might give it a go when I get to the bottom of my list.
Outlander (Amazon)
Money Heist (Netflix)
This Country
This is Us (NBC)
Want to watch  this. Feel like Tom might not be into it? So one for my list then.
Last Tango in Hallifax (BBC)
I have actually never really watched this (only a bit of an episode here and there when it’s just happened to be on, but no idea who’s related to who??). A bit of a ‘middle of the road’ one perhaps, but lots of people loved it for an ‘easy watch’, which I totally get.
Belgravia (ITV)
On our list.
Safe (Netflix)
The Lost Girls (Netflix)
The Sinner (Netflix)
Breeders (Sky)
Run (Channel 4)
MotherFatherSon (BBC)
Modern Love (Amazon)
Romantic comedy inspired by the New York Times column.
Pose (Netflix)
Stumbled upon this (mid series) by accident in November, in my hotel room on a work trip. Was immediately hooked. Went back to the beginning of Series 1 with Tom when I got back. Loved it. For the music alone!
After Life
Just brilliant.  We laughed.  We cried. I would even urge non Ricky Gervais fans to give this a go. Loved it. And the series 2 is coming soon.
Oh, just the one thing, I did find his dead wife rather annoying. But that just sounds weird (and probably says more about me than the show…).

Oldies, But Goodies…
Spiral (BBC4)
Loved it. I mean Laure (eyes peeled for the dodgy boot-leg trousers in the early series…) can be very irritating, but it’s so good!
The Bridge (BBC2)
Loved it.
The Killing (Netflix)
Loved it. It was our go-to after the kids were born, back in 2010. Along with our Friday night Thai takeaway, it was my lifeline. I am not even kidding. And our first ‘Scandi-drama’.
Line of Duty (BBC)
Loved it. Obviously. Who didn’t?

The Golden Girls (Hallmark)
Re-watching this (every episode) got me though my three months of severe morning sickness with the twins, when I was mostly horizontal. Loved this show. Still love this show (I probably laugh out loud more watching The Golden Girls than anything else!). The kids started watching it on holiday last year actually (they found the box  sets), and thought it was hilarious. And it was so funny watching them watching it, and not always getting the jokes, but laughing alway!
Fun  fact: Blanche Devereaux was the first woman I ever saw wearing trousers with  heels. I know.
Friends (Netflix)
Obvious, but couldn’t not. The kids love it now too.
Sex & The City
Probably my most re-watched TV series ever. I just never tire of it. Obviously, don’t get carried away, and watch the second movie though (although I’m pretty sure we’re not going to get that desperate anytime soon).
Ally McBeal (Amazon)
Loved it. Feels like a lifetime ago though. Because it was. Hmmm.
Brothers & Sisters (Amazon)
Love,love,loved this! And so many of you did too it seems!  Plan to revisit. I mean, Sally Field and Rob Lowe in the same series?? (No, not like that!!).
Yes please.
ER (All 4)
No brainer.
Kath & Kim
Anyone else remember this Aussie comedy? So funny.
Loved it. Still love it. Will probably always love it.