24 Jun, 2020

Picnic Chic

I’m  ALL about a picnic at the moment.
Picnic-ing chic-ly (is that even a thing?) does not need to involve coordinated blanket, crockery, napkins and bag. In fact, no thank you! But then neither does it need to involve a plastic carrier bag and disposable plastic wine glasses.
Personally, my favourite style of picnics, are the ones that are a little bit thrown-together, with old, checked picnic blankets (an old /throw/ will do the job if you don’t have an actual blanket –  extra style points for a pretty colour and/or ticking stripes/); mismatched crockery and glassware (yes, I must confess I do like real glasses ( would be the next best thing, and are great for kids) – I just hate drinking out of plastic cups/glasses, particularly wine, but that’s just me – I find that the small, thicker tumblers are generally pretty sturdy, and if you pack them carefully, won’t break…); and some kind of basket. I love for serving things in – crisps, nuts, fruit etc, but also as an alternative  to actual plates).
These are some of my favourite picnic-related things I’ve seen on my (online) travels (I’ve never seem so many chic !! Who knew?).
But equally, just chuck everything in a big-ish (any kind will do), grab an old (non-fitted) sheet, and you’re good to picnic in style…

Sarah xx

ps: how sweet are for the mini picnickers?

All images: Pinterest