18 Nov, 2020

Small Brands Christmas Gift Guide Part I (Home/Interiors)

Macbook Case | Anna + Nina
Candle Holder |  Anna + Nina
Candle Holder | Anna + Nina

Alibaba Laundry Baskets | Artisanne Home

Cushion | Bungalow

Oil Paintings | Brenda Sakoui

Quilt | Camomile London
Beauty bags | Camomile London

Silk Pillowcase  | Coco & Wolf
Placemat | Coco & Wolf
Picnic Blanket | Coco & Wolf
Make Your Own  Fabric Wreath Kit | Coco & Wolf
Splatter Mug | Coco & Wolf

Metal Wreath | Crafty Kestrel

Quilts | Dilli Grey
Hammered Brass And Glass Bottles | Dilli Grey
Handwoven Rug | Dilli Grey

Stubby candles | Domestic Science
Matches | Domestic Science
Set of candles | Domestic Science

Bow Ceramics | Edit58 + Kana Blue
Rattan Pendant | Edit58
Wire Word | Edit58

 Trinket/Pinch Pots | Edition 94  

Cat Bed | Hadeda
Food Cover | Hadeda
Bolster Cushion | Hadeda
Basket | Hadea
Basket | Hadeda

 Ticking Stripe Bedding | Harriet Hare

Bow Planter | Isla Simpson

Patchwork Quilt | Little Cotton Clothes 
Quilt With Frill | Little Cotton Clothes
Patchwork Quilt | Little Cotton Clothes

Scalloped Candle Shade | Matilda Goad
Egg  cup plate | Matilda Goad

Pom Pom Fairy Lights Hoop | Melanie Porter

Tray | Mmaa
Blanket Basket | Mmaa

Memo Personalised Notecards | Memo
Greeting Card | Memo

 Frill Cushion | Molly Mahon
Handmade Soap | Molly Mahon
Coat Hangers | Molly Mahon

Kitsune Clementines Print | Partnership Additions
Conch Print | Partnership Additions
Ruby Bolete Print | Partnership Additions

 Ruffled Napkin | Rebecca Udall
Customised Napkin | Rebecca Udall

Bow Notecards | Romeo + Jules
Scalloped Notecards | Romeo + Jules

 Soap | Salvesen Graham

Table Planter | Rowen & Wren
Fluted Champagne Coup | Rowen & Wren
Scalloped Candle Holder | Rowen & Wren
Brass Hanging Lantern | Rowen & Wren
Lambswool  Hot Water Bottle Cover | Rowen & Wren
Recylced Wine Glasses | Rowen & Wren
Linen Cutlery Pocket | Rowen & Wren
Handwoven  Kapok Mattress | Rowen & Wren


 Bolster Cushion |  Sunday And Story
Jute Scalloped Placemats | Sunday And Story

Pashmina Basket |  The Hambleton
Cake Stand | The Hambleton
Velvet Cushion | The Hambelton
Box of 12 candles | The Hambledon
Toppu lamp | The Hambledon
Tea Towel | The Hambledon
Shell Tray | The Hambledon
Rug | The Hambledon

 Brickett Davda mugs | The Small Home
Stitch Cushions | The Small Home
Sheepskin Rug | The Small Home

Lacquered Trays | Tinsmiths
Ticking Frill Cushion | Tinsmiths
Linen Tablecloth Fabric | Tinsmiths

Kintsugi  Cup | We Are Nomads
Sabra Cushion | We Are Nomads
Tamegroute Small Bowl | We Are Nomads

At Little Spree we always like to support and promote our favourite small  brands (only the ones we truly love, the same strict policy as any other featured brands), and now more than ever, they need our help. Personally my Christmas shopping list is always a real split of high street (let’s not forget that they need our support too right now…) and independent brands/labels (with the odd, more ‘high end’ appearance). So it feels right to reflect that here.
There’s nothing in this edit that I don’t love, but if I had to choose just one thing

Sarah xx

ps: and surely the best (un-child friendly) stocking filler has to go to this fabulous tea towel?

pps: ‘Kids’ and ‘Fashion’ Gift Guides coming later this week.


Anna + Nina
Brenda Sakoui
Camomile London
Coco & Wolf
Crafty Kestel
Dilli Grey
Domestic Science
Edition  94
Harriet Hare
Isla Simpson
Little Cotton Clothes
Matilda Goad
Melanie Porter
Molly Mahon
Partnership Editions
Rebecca Udall
Romeo And Jules
Rowen & Wren
Salvesen Graham
Sunday & Story
The Hambledon
The Small Home
We Are Nomads