8 Dec, 2020

Treasure Hunting at T.K.Maxx

It’s no secret that I love a bargain. I also get the biggest thrill from foraging (and scoring!) for treasure in unexpected places. And is definitely one of those places. Following a tip-off from a lovely Instagram follower last night, I was alerted to the fact that they had just had a small drop online! I couldn’t get on there fast enough!! And sure enough, there it was – a tiny (definitely quality over quantify – this was a small drop) amount of Bonpoint, at over 70% off! Which then led me to discover other treasures from small people courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire, Chloé Kids and Charlotte Olympia. Anyway, you can see for  yourself (below). But whilst I was browsing, I also did a quick scan of the home section (these …). With shops like this it’s really 90% luck as to what they have on any given day, i.e. the day (loving this …) you happen to be in there/on the website. But looking around my home reminded me of the fab things I’ve scored there in the past – particularly rugs (I found the most amazing pink one that’s now in my daughter’s bedroom), baskets and garden accessories (pots, planters etc.).
Happy shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: it’s also a great resource for kids’ toys and books (look – they’ve even got some of the wonderful – the best presents ever!). When the kids were younger, I would often do a swoop for nursery/school friend’s birthday presents. Oh and dressing-up costumes for Halloween!