20 Nov, 2020

Small Brands Christmas Gift Guide Part II (Kids)

Personalised Kids Purse | Amy & Ivor
Personalised Coin Purse | Amy & Ivor

Nadine Dress | Apolina Kids
Edith Dress Set  | Apolina Kids

Muslin Bathrobe | Bebeach Kids

Baby Sheepskin Booties | Binibamba
Blue Rose Snuggler | Binibamba

Sister Sweatshirt | Blob & Blossom
Brother Sweatshirt | Bob & Blossom

Townhouse Light | Bright Corner
Welsh Cottage Light | Bright Corner

Scallop Embroidered Canopy | Camomile London
Tall Cat |  Camomile London
Hand Made Wool Bunny | Camomile London
Grace Doll | Camomile London  

Felted Panda | Crafty Kestrel
Lavendar Mice | Crafty Kestrel

Wire Doll’s Bed | Edit58
Mini Bow Basket | Edit58
Wire Word | Edit58
Papier Maché Letters | Edit58

Marlowe Romper | Elfie

Wooden Ruler Height Chart | Family Rule

Jasmine Dress/Nightdress | Faune
Larch Pyjamas | Faune
Embroidered Wren Dress | Faune

Feather Headress | For Just One Day
Feather Cape | For Just One Day

Handmade Cotton Booties | Gooseberry Fool
Pom Pom Booties | Gooseberry Fool
Personalised Hooded Blanket | Gooseberry Fool

Hedgehog House | Hedgehog
Citroën Type H Van Toy | Hedgehog
Seamstress Apron |  Hedgehog
Wooden Guitar | Hedgehog
Slipper Socks | Hedgehog
Junior Tool Kit | Hedgehog
Crate Of Wooden Lemons | Hedgehog
Mini Lavender Plant Set | Hedgehog
Pull-Back Mini Cooper | Hedgehog
Hazel Twigwam | Hedgehog
Bucket Of Chocolate Cars | Hedgehog
Baking Set | Hedgehog

Knitted Kitten Bonnet | JJ Park
Maren Romper Suit | JJ Park
Knitted Bunny Bonnett | JJ Park
Romper & Bonnet Set | JJ Park
Pom Pom Cross Body Bags | JJ Park

Wicker Dolls Pram |
Wooden Telephone |
Wicker Dolls Bed |

LoLA Art Boxes | Lots Of Lovely Art

Reversible Jacket | Little Cotton Clothes 
Leather Purse | Little Cotton Clothes
Sailor Collar Romper | Little Cotton Clothes
Mini Market Basket | Little Cotton Clothes
Rucksack | Little Cotton Clothes

Handtied Bow | Matilda & Grace
Mini Knot Bows | Matilda & Grace

Pom Pom Fairy Light | Melanie Porter

Baby Memory Book | Meminio
Baby Memory Book | Meminio
Personalised Musical Jewellery Box | Meminio
Large Memory Case |  Meminio

Enchanted Garden Pyjamas | Melo + Marl
Winter Pyjamas | Melo + Marl x Polar Post

Sparkle Cape | Meri Meri
Velvet Wink Cushion | Meri Meri
Large Octopus | Meri Meri`
Kitty Suitcase | Meri Meri
Feather Caplet | Meri Meri

Secret Garden Hairclips | Mimi & Lula
Stegosauros Bag | Mimi & Lula
Pom Pom Ponies | Mimi & Lula
Sparkle Tutu | Mimi & Lula
Floral Scrunchies | Mimi & Lula

Mother May Romper | Nellie Quats
Ruffle Socks | Nellie Quats

Nico Pyjamas | Nights By Wilder
Lennon Pyjamas | Nights By Wilder

Mushroom Basket | Olivier Baby & Kids
Olive Garter Bonnet | Olivier Baby & Kids
Bunny Keyring/Bag Charm | Olivier Baby & Kids
Hair Bow | Olivier Baby & Kids
Cross Stitch Cat | Olivier Baby & Kids
Bear Bonnet | Olivier Baby & Kids

Rattan Luggy | Olli Ella
Dinkum Doll | Olli Ella
Dinkum Doll | Olli Ella
Rattan Pram | Olli Ella
Casa Bag | Olli Ella
Mushroom Rattle | Olli Ella

Bonnets & Scarves | Oochi Poochi

Ruffle Bibs | Organic Zoo
Kitty Bonnett | Organic Zoo
Teething Mittens | Organic Zoo
Sweatshirt | Organic Zoo

Wooden Tool Box | Otis And The Wolf

Floral Backpack | Rylee + Cru
Sherpa Backpack | Rylee + Cru
Moons Pyjamas | Rylee + Cru
Woods Pyjamas | Rylee + Cru

Golden Doll | Severina Kids
Personalised Backpack | Severina Kids
Globe Music Box | Severina Kids
Vintage Cotton Bunny | Severina Kids

Frilly Pyjamas |  Sleepy Doe
Striped Pyjamas | Sleepy Doe

Flower Press | Squid Ink

Muslin Pyjamas | The Bright Company
Slim Jyms Pyjamas | The Bright Company

Tiered Dress | The Middle Daughter

Print | Tobias & The Bear
Print | Tobias & The Bear

Embroidery Toadstool Kit | The Paper Party Bag  Shop

Animal Print Boots |  Tocoto Vintage
Sweatshirt | Tocoto Vintage
Fluffy Clogs | Tocoto Vintage
Denim Jacket | Tocoto Vintage
Floral Dress | Tocoto Vintage
Knitted Sweater | Tocoto Vintage

Personalised Kids Paintbrush Set | Two Stories
Personalised Kids Baking Set | Two Stories

Gemma Caplet  | Velveteen
Tristian Tee | Velveteen
Erin Dress | Velveteen
Cherise Bag | Velveteen 
Baby Bunny Shoe | Velveteen

Wooden Woodland Animals | West Stanton
Wooden Chicken Coop | West Stanton

Rabbit Ear Headband | Woodstock
Princess Garland | Woodstock

It’s time to give the baby/kids small/independent brands some gifting love. SO many gorgeous things to choose from (many  of which have been tried, tested and loved by my own kids)!
I hope you find something you love for the little people in your life this Christmas.  Happy shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: for or more great gift inspiration check out Cottage Toys.

pps: the small Fashion brands Gift Guide coming up next…


Amy & Ivor
Bebeach Kids
Bob & Blossom
Bright Corner
Camomile London
Crafty Kestrel
Elfie London
Family Rule
For Just One Day
Gooseberry Fool
JJ Park
Little Cotton Clothes

Lots of Lovely Art
Matilda & Grace
Melanie Porter
Melo + Marl
Meri Meri
Mimi & Lula
Nellie Quats
Nights By Wilder
Olli Ella
Olivier London
Oochi Poochi
Organic Zoo
Rylee & Cru
Severina Kids
Sleepy Doe
Squid Ink Co.
The Bright Company
The Mamahood
The Middle Daughter
Tobias & The Bear
Tocoto Vintage
Two Stories
West Stanton