14 Oct, 2023

The Last… with Celia Muñoz

Founder and Creative Director Celia Muñoz spotted a gap in the market for beautiful, high-quality children’s clothing at an affordable price point. About to give birth to her fifth child in 2012, Celia felt there was no time like the present and launched the childrenswear brand La Coqueta. Originally from Granada in Southern Spain, Celia felt it was important to support Spanish design and craftsmanship by popularising the traditional styles she had fallen in love with as a child. Each La Coqueta garment is “proudly made by artisans” and can be traced back to local family-owned ateliers, introducing age-old methods and craft techniques to timeless designs with a modern twist.

The Last…

Time you danced?
Last week tidying up our newly refurbished library, we were listening to Abba, and I couldn’t help it, plus I love embarrassing my teens whilst doing it!

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A beautiful XVIII century putti at Nick Jones Antiques.

Thing you brought online?
A pair of Loewe trainers, the most comfortable I have ever worn!

Person you spoke to?
La Coqueta’s Managing Director, and my dear friend, Emma.

Podcast you listened to?
The Economist Asks: What’s the secret of happiness, with Anne McElvoy and Tal Ben-Shahar.

New brand you discovered?

Film you watched at the cinema?
Mission Impossible.

TV series you watched at home?
Escobar, El Patrón del Mal, in the original Paisa Medellin accent. Best Narcos series ever!

Restaurant you ate at?
Sucre on Great Marlborough Street.

Takeaway you ordered?
I do not order takeaways!

Book you read?
L’elegance du Herisson by Muriel Barbery. My mother is a book addict and her recommendations never fail!

Magazine you flicked through?
AD Spain.

Country you visited?

Town you walked around?

Time you cried?
Six months ago. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Time you laughed until you cried?
Last week with my husband! We generally find now our five children are teenagers and preteens, they tend to try and team up against us. We argued, or rather they argued with us, and when we closed the door, my husband made an impersonation of the situation which I could not help but find hilarious! Very bad parenting you could argue, but anyone with teenagers will know sometimes the best medicine is to simply laugh it out.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?
Talk with my husband and a good night kiss.

Meal you cooked?
I rarely cook, my husband does but I did make a lovely Spanish lentil stew and beetroot gazpacho.

Cocktail you drank?
I do not drink cocktails, only great red wine otherwise I would rather have water. I am a big Barolo fan!

Play you saw?
The Lehman Trilogy. To me one of the best I have ever seen.

Thing you baked?
I don’t bake!

Thing you burnt?
My daughter’s hair (by accident clearly!).

Time you said sorry?
Every day.

Website you bookmarked?
The shop, Atmosphere D’ailleurs

Song you added to a playlist?
Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

Person you kissed?
My husband and my children. Admittedly my MD too, who I deeply admire, respect and love.

Travelled by bus?
I don’t tend to take the bus. I try to walk most of the time or I take my car.

Radio station you listened to?
Magic FM.

Time you swore?
This morning.

Biscuit you ate?
I don’t eat cookies, I rarely eat sugar.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
My AGOLDE green jeans.

Thing you smelt?
My husband’s delicious cooking.

Time you said I love you?
An hour ago.

Loving right now…

Westman Atelier
Huge, huge fan – the Eye Want You mascara is divine.

 Collagerie marketplace 
I love their edits and especially the gift guides when it comes to the festive season.

The New Craftsmen
The ultimate place for sourcing homeware designers and craftspeople.

Amelie, Maison D’art 
A must-visit shop when you are in Paris.

Maria de la Orden
A stunning brand, I have a few key pieces from here and their tailored corduroy is perfect.

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