3 Jun, 2023

The Last… With Des Lewis

Des is a freelance fashion stylist, art director and consultant and has worked with  brands including Marfa Stance,  Stella McCartney Kids,  and Cos amongst others

Des is a freelance fashion stylist, art director and consultant and has worked with  brands including Marfa Stance,  Stella McCartney Kids,  and Cos among others. She has also shot fashion stories for Grazia, Sunday Times Style, Telegraph Luxury and  Also Journal (where she is currently Fashion Director-at-large).

Des has previously worked as a fashion editor at Glamour, InStyle and Marie Claire magazine before embarking on her freelance career.

The Last…

Time you danced?
Last night with my daughter in her bedroom. She loves to play music before bedtime.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
Flat peaches – a summer favourite.

Thing you bought online?
The Modern House Magazine issue 6.

Person you spoke to?
My mum, on the phone.

Podcast you listened to?
The Diary Of A CEO with the Editor of Vogue, Edward Enninful who incidentally, I assisted early on in my fashion career.

New brand you discovered?
Haeckels, a natural skincare brand and Niwaki for the most beautiful gardening tools.

Film you watched at the cinema?
Air with my husband.

TV series you watched at home?
I’m not much of a series watcher,  especially those that go on season after season, they require so many hours of your time! Having said that, I have of course watched Succession and somebody recently recommended Beef on Netflix which I’m in the middle of and at only 8 episodes, does not require too much of a commitment!

Restaurant you ate at?
Eline in Hackney with my girlfriends.

Takeaway you ordered?
Does Gail’s for breakfast on a shoot count? At home it’s been a while but was probably a curry.

Book you read?
Maybe I Don’t Belong Here by the actor, David Harewood.

Magazine you flicked through?
The Modern House Issue 6.  I love having a peek inside other peoples (very well designed ) homes and reading about the process from the build to the interior decoration choices.

Country you visited?
France in April for a fashion shoot at some beautiful salt flats in the Camargue region.

Town you walked around?
Margate on a recent weekend away visiting friends.

Time you cried?
The recent 1-year anniversary of the passing of a dear friend.

Time you laughed until you cried?
Last week when my daughter said something very cheeky at the dinner table (it was one of those moments as a parent when you shouldn’t laugh but can’t help it) which made us all burst into fits of laughter and then we couldn’t stop.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?
Check I’ve set the alarm.

Meal you cooked?
Being a good cook is a skill I wish I had but sadly don’t, luckily my daughter is a pasta lover so that’s my failsafe!

Cocktail you drank?
A Margarita at a Mulberry party last week.

Play you saw?
Not a play but I went to see Ballet Black at The Royal Opera House last October and we have booked tickets to take our daughter to see My Neighbour Totoro at The Barbican in December – I don’t go to the theatre anywhere near as often as I’d like to.

Thing you baked?
Spinach and feta rolls. I know I said I’m not a great cook but I found the easiest recipe. I spend way too much on the ones from Gail’s so homemade ones are much more budget-friendly and come a very close second taste wise.

Thing you burnt?
Toast, always toast.

Time you said sorry?
Today to a relative who had a party last night that I completely missed as I’d put it in my diary on the wrong date!

Website you bookmarked?
Loose Joints, an independent publisher with a focus on photography books.

Song you added to a playlist?
Why Don’t You by Cleo Sol.

Person you kissed?
My daughter when she left the house this morning.

Travelled by bus?
Last week on the 212 from the top of my road to Walthamstow Central.

Radio station you listened to?
Radio 6 is always on in our house (we even leave it on for the dog when we are out of the house) – we all love it! It plays such a broad and eclectic mix of music, it’s a great way to expose our daughter to different genres which is really beginning to show in her musical taste.

Time you swore?
This morning when I burnt the toast!

Biscuit you ate?
Lu Le Petit Chocolat.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
Jeans. I live in denim.

Thing you smelt?
The Billiard Room of Jean-Jacques room spray by Lola James Harper which I’m obsessed with and spritz around the house several times a day.

Time you said I love you?
This morning to my daughter as she left to go on a play date.

Loving right now…

I love all things Raey and recently wore this on a shoot and I now need it.

The chicest of denim shorts to see me through summer.

I have a (very expensive) weak spot for The Row.

Another example of beautiful Japanese design that will elevate our garden set-up.

This rare find would be a welcome addition to our collection.

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