22 Jul, 2023

The Last… with Hilary Walsh

Hilary Walsh is a ceramicist and former fashion photographer

My name is Hilary Walsh. I am a ceramicist and former fashion photographer. I live in California (mostly Ojai). Most of my time is spent making things in my studio, being a mom, gardening or caring for our 14 animals. I was born in California but raised on the east coast, then back to California with several stints in London and Paris in between.

The Last…

Time you danced?
I dance daily in my studio. Keeps the boredom away!!

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
I try my hardest to only buy from actual shops… This is a boring one but envelopes from the town pharmacy.

Thing you brought online?
Ceramic supplies, we have no ceramic shops in our town. But in terms of clothing, I ordered some Novesta sneakers from Europe.

Person you spoke to?
Husband. I rarely leave the property when I’m not traveling.

Podcast you listened to?
Ohh…The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling. It was very interesting.

New brand you discovered?
I discovered a really amazing new designer while in London last month, her workshop and store front are on Columbia Rd in the east end, the shop is called Wylder. She’s very sweet and I bought a new jacket from her that I love and can’t wait to wear more when the weather cools down!

Film you watched at the cinema?
The new Spider-Man in a movie theater in Paris, in 4D. I had to move to the broken seat because the 4D shaking seats were too much for me. When you have kids, I suppose most of the theater movies you see are rated PG. It was pretty good though. BUT… if I can include movies I’ve watched on the plane, I would say Blue Jean which is an indie film made in England and I loved it.

TV series you watched at home?
Just finished The Bear. Loved it. I’m sick of every show being about terrible things happening. This one felt more sweet and gives you hope for humanity.

Restaurant you ate at?
I just tried Barra Santos, a little Portuguese wine bar in Los Angeles, over the weekend. It was great! Now (post covid) you can drink wine while sitting on the sidewalks waiting to be seated. It’s starting to feel slightly more European in that aspect.

Takeaway you ordered?
Pizza delivered while I was working on Sunday.

Book you read?
Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. Loved it. Love her books in general. This one was an emotional roller coaster for a mom to read.

Magazine you flicked through?
Magazines? Are they still around? Probably World of Interiors.

Country you visited?
England. We spent June in Europe (partially for work) and went to Paris, Amsterdam and London.

Town you walked around?
Los Angeles last weekend. I wandered around the Rose Bowl Flea market killing time on Sunday morning.

Time you cried?
Um… probably twice a day. For various unimportant reasons. Perimenopause takes no prisoners …..!!!

Time you laughed until you cried?
Been a while. But every once in a while my kids and I have one of those moments. It honestly usually involves our chickens.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?
Open all the windows, get water, take vitamins, and try to keep my eyes open for a 10-minute book read (usually failing at the latter).

Meal you cooked?
I made salmon sushi bowls the other night. It works for all family members.

Cocktail you drank?
A spicy Margarita slushy from Loreto in Los Angeles.

Play you saw?

Thing you baked?
Pre-made croissants from the freezer (I don’t bake! ).

Thing you burnt?
Pottery. I usually burn pieces by lighting them on fire by some means or another.

Time you said sorry?
Daily. Probably to my pre-teen for getting mad at him for the 800th time yesterday.

Website you bookmarked?
Ventura County Junior Lifeguards calendar.

Song you added to a playlist?
Crepuscolo Sul Mare by Piero Umiliani.

Person you kissed?
My 9-year-old when I dropped him at camp this morning.

Travelled by bus?
We took a bus to the Harry Potter Studio Tour while in London last month!

Radio station you listened to?
NTS web radio station out of the UK.

Time you swore?
Probably in the last 4 minutes.

Biscuit you ate?
Hobnobs while in London.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
Most of my clothes, but currently the cotton dress I’m in that I wore to bed and also wore yesterday (again, don’t leave property much and it’s summer!!).

Thing you smelt?
The Mexican Marigolds in my garden this morning. They smell so amazing, I’ve planted them everywhere now.

Time you said I love you?
This morning to my son at camp drop off.

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