31 May, 2024

The Last… With Kate Matheson

Kate is a rancher living in remote Montana with her husband and two children.  Formally a Picture Editor at Condé Nast in London, Kate left the world of magazines behind and fell in love with Montana, where she met her future cowboy husband

After leaving Glamour magazine, London,  and the world of magazines behind I spent five years on a whim in Montana, falling in love with the West and my future cowboy husband.
Later I moved to a small cabin on a ranch in southern Colorado by myself and took on the role of Ranch Manager and Head of PR for Hospitality for a ranching company. Green and naive, and with a very small brilliant team on the ground we grew the ranch and brand to be one of the ultimate western destinations. Any one day I could be gathering bison on my motorbike, riding in the great sand dunes national park, making a grazing plan, meeting with government land agencies or having dinner with a journalist. 

After 11 years we have begun an exciting new chapter, having moved back to very remote Eastern Montana we are raising our two children and our own cattle on my husband’s generational family ranch. I am still very passionate about Western life and am helping new projects grow through brand development and PR.

The Last…

Time you danced?
A couple of days ago in the house with the children. We’ve been renovating my husband’s old family ranch house so we currently have no furniture in the living room, which makes for a great dance hall. 

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
This weekend,  a mini pony from a local Amish family, does that count? 

Thing you brought online?
A mini pony cinch to keep it’s tiny saddle on.

Person you spoke to?
My son, telling him he looked cute in his dungers. 

Podcast you listened to?
I just started Sophy Roberts series Gone to Timbuktu.

New brand you discovered?
A friend told me about Clara and Fritz Tallow Moisturizer and now I am obsessed with all tallow products. A simple, natural,  one ingredient product. 

Film you watched at the cinema?
That has been many, many years I don’t recall! 

TV series you watched at home?
I hardly watch TV and was very late to the party with Ted Lasso. 

Restaurant you ate at?
The closest one to us, 50 miles away. The Melstone Cafe, a legendary spot for cowboys and ranchers. 

Takeaway you ordered?
 A few weeks ago from a Thai place in Billings, Montana

Book you read?
My Wild and Sleepless Nights, by Clover Stroud  She has a fabulous, open way of expressing herself that I wish I had.

Magazine you flicked through?
Mint Magazine, I worked with a lovely writer for a travel destination that’s featured. 

Country you visited?
UK, when you live abroad it can be tough to visit anywhere other than where most of your friends and family are. 

Town you walked around?
Livingston, Montana. I  wanted to visit @ludale but they were closed that day! 

Time you cried?
Last week. I heard from the vet that one of my young horses won’t ever recover from an injury.  

Time you laughed until you cried?
Our last snow storm, my son was clasping an icicle in his mitten and I told him to not eat it as it had dirt on it, he threw it and the mitten went with it still clasping the icicle. Not even that funny but the tears were rolling uncontrollably, it felt good. 

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?
Check the children, tuck them in again and whisper I love them. 

Meal you cooked?
BBQ ribs, I’ve got the hang of those. 

Cocktail you drank?
I am definitely overdue for a good one. 

Play you saw?
It’s been about 20 years. 

Thing you baked?
A disastrous flat chocolate cake which I passed off as a brownie instead.

Thing you burnt?
Getting better about that..

Time you said sorry?
Last week to my husband.

Website you bookmarked?
Just bookmarked one for the first time the other day, Wideskyadventures.com . I am joining  one of their upcoming workshops. 

Song you added to a playlist?
$10 dollar cowboy by Charley Crockett 

Person you kissed?
My daughter

Travelled by bus?
Probably in London on a trip back home.

Radio station you listened to?
A Waylon Jennings station or BBC Radio Sussex.

Time you swore?
All the time, like a sailor. 

Biscuit you ate?
Hobnob,  another hard to come by item around here! 

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
Mens cowboy cut Wrangler jeans, my favourite. 

Thing you smelt?
I have a Bay and Rosemary candle by ST. Eval on my desk here at home. Reminds me of England, I love it. 

Time you said I love you?
Just now, to my dog Pepe. 

Loving right now…

Lily Gray, sustainable, handmade British Wool jumpers. A jumper of hers is on my wish list for this year. 

Painting or prints by French artist Chloé Burk. Gorgeous colours – beautiful work of the West.

I’ve been badgering my husband for a new pair of chaps, but I keep getting bumped to the bottom of the list. Beautiful, handmade, cowboy gear @hawkssaddles.

Drawings by artist Daniel Palmer of the Kent countryside and coast. I have lots of wall space in this old ranch house and am looking to fill them with Western and British artists.

And hoping to book a wild riding adventure with the girls at Between The Ears Expeditions for 2025.

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