12 May, 2023

The Last… With Nicola Clarke

Acclaimed hair stylist and creative colour expert

Nicola Clarke is an acclaimed hair stylist and creative colour expert, with over 30 years experience. Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Blondes’ colouring the likes of Madonna, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Moss.
She has also created some of the most iconic looks in film.

Nicola has her own London salon, Nicola Clarke at John Frieda.

The Last…

Time you danced?
Sadly I think it’s been a while. Staff Christmas party.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A one pound token for the air machine at the petrol station for a flat tyre on my car.

Thing you brought online?
Tickets for a play (A Little Life) for me and my son.

Person you spoke to?
My husband.

Podcast you listened to?
I don’t really listen to podcasts, but I’ve been meaning to listen to Carol Woolton’s ‘If Jewels Could Talk’.

New brand you discovered? 
Zooki. Well, a makeup artist friend was raving about this brand – it’s a really easy way to take vitamins if you’re useless at swallowing pills (like me).

Film you watched at the cinema?
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,  with my kids.

TV series you watched at home?
A BBC dark comedy, Rain Dogs (starring Daisy May Cooper).

Restaurant you ate at?
I took my foodie friend from L.A to Maison Francois on Duke Street and it was incredibly delicious.

Takeaway you ordered?
Indian. It’s my absolute favourite and I’m never disappointed.

Book you read?
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It was a recommendation from a client that I trust.

Magazine you flicked through?

Country you visited?

Town you walked around?
London. My salon is central so I’m there almost every day.

Time you cried? 
Watching something on TV. I take after my dad – anything can set me off.

Time you laughed until you cried? 
Last week over something really stupid, and at my husband’s expense.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light? 
Set my alarm (on my phone, so I may have had an addictive scroll on Instagram).

Meal you cooked? 
Baked Chicken Rice from this guy I follow on Instagram (John Gregory-Smith). I’m obsessed with his easy recipes.

Cocktail you drank?

Play you saw?
My Neighbor Totoro at the Barbican. I’m thinking about booking it again – the kids loved it.

Thing you baked?
My daughter bakes and the last thing she baked for us was scones which my mum taught her to make last weekend.

Thing you burnt?
Toast. I actually love burnt toast.

Time you said sorry?
To my daughter. She’s pre-teen, so I’m always apologising for something.

Website you bookmarked?
Really boring – a garden fence company.

Song you added to a playlist?
Afraid To Feel, LF System.

Person you kissed? 
My son. He’d hate that I told you.

Travelled by bus?
Today.  I prefer the bus to the tube.

Radio station you listened to?
Kiss. I have no choice – my kids play it in the car.

Time you swore?
Today. And every day. I’ve tried to stop. I’m not proud.

Biscuit you ate?
Aztec biscuit from Kaffeine. I don’t buy biscuits for the house – too dangerous.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?

Thing you smelt?
A client that was wearing a gorgeous perfume. I think I actually buried my head in her hair (I’ve been doing her hair for a long time!).

Time you said I love you?
Today, to my daughter.

Loving right now…

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask and Smooth Shampoo. They’re the only hair products that makes my frizzy fine hair feel like smooth silky hair.

Honestly a pair of H&M boots I spotted on Douceur. I live in them.

Le Labo Baie 19 bought for me by a really generous friend.

I hate buying bras but I just found a style I love from M&S from the Rosie collection, so I bought a dozen of them!

Vico skin vitamins from Jasmine Vico

Megababe deodorant. I stumbled across it in a beauty store last time I was in  New York for work. I bought them for my daughter and have stolen some back!

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