13 Jan, 2024

The Last… With Rosie Vogel

Rosie is Global Director of Talent and Casting at Vogue, and a freelace casting director. She lives in South-East London with her husband and their seven year old daughter, Tabby.

The Last…

Time you danced?
After the British Fashion Awards, I went to a party to celebrate Edward Enninful and we danced until the very wee hours.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A beautiful rainbow sapphire ring from a shop in Sri Lanka as a Christmas present to myself.

Thing you brought online?
Dog accessories for our new puppy, who arrives this weekend!

Person you spoke to?
My husband, Matthew.

Podcast you listened to?
The Dish, with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Harnett.

New brand you discovered?
I recently bought some jewellery from an Italian brand called Sunnei.

Film you watched at the cinema?
Saltburn. I adored it!

TV series you watched at home?
Currently I’m re-watching Dawsons Creek from season one. The lure of Joey, Pacey and Jen is strong and comforting. 

Restaurant you ate at?
I’ve just been on holiday and I ate at some amazing restaurants in Sri Lanka – a place called Citra totally blew me away, and my husband and I also went for lunch at the Amangalla hotel, where we stayed on our honeymoon. In London, I last went to J Sheekey for a festive dinner with my two best friends. You can’t beat a classic!

Takeaway you ordered?
Joe and the Juice – the other day I was feeling so idle that I shamefully Deliveroo’d a Green Mile to get me out of bed. 

Book you read?
The model Cameron Russell’s book: How to Make Yourself Agreeable to Everyone.

Magazine you flicked through?
Vogue, of course!

Country you visited?
I just got back from Sri Lanka yesterday- we went for a big family Christmas trip and it was heaven!

Town you walked around?
London – I took some time to be a tourist in my own city this week, and it was fabulous.

Time you cried?
Yesterday, on the aeroplane. I sob at everything at 30,000 feet.

Time you laughed until you cried?
 Last month at a boozy lunch at Mount Street with my friend Hanna, who really makes me hoot.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?
Set my alarm. I’m a morning person.

Meal you cooked?
A chicken casserole for dinner this evening.

Cocktail you drank?
A Vodka Martini – incredibly wet, with a twist.

Play you saw?
A Little Life. Brutal but incredible. I love James Norton.

Thing you baked?
Christmas cookies with my daughter. 

Thing you burnt?
A slice of panettone – during the yuletide season I love nothing more than a toasted slice of panettone with some salty butter for breakfast. Yum.

Time you said sorry?
Last week, to my long-suffering husband.

Website you bookmarked?
I’m not really a bookmarking person… Maybe Vestiaire, searching for an elusive Fendi baguette?

Song you added to a playlist?
Used to be Young by Miley Cyrus.

Person you kissed?
My daughter, Tabby.

Travelled by bus?
Oh man, I’m not a bus taker. Maybe the last time there was train a strike. I do it only under duress!

Radio station you listened to?
Classic FM.

Time you swore?
About 5 minutes ago.

Biscuit you ate?
A chocolate chip cookie. 

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
My black Raey Blazer.

Thing you smelt?
My perfume – Tabacco and Mandarin by Byredo.

Time you said I love you?
To Tabby at bedtime.

Loving right now…

With Nothing Underneath Denim Shirt
This shirt is my new obsession. So chic, I’ve been wearing it with white jeans or black trackies. The cut and wash are perfect. I buy all my shirts from this brand.

Hermès scarves
Every time I go on a big trip I buy a scarf at the airport to commemorate the experience. I love one with my denim shirt!

Jewellery from Complete Works
I love this brand and recently got this giant pearl necklace which I pair with…

My Dolce & Gabbana black pinstripe suit

This Loewe tracksuit is going to take me through to spring.

I recently bought this book by Steven Mesiel and was lucky  enough to have both Linda and Steven sign it for me – it’s one of my most treasured possessions.

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