6 Oct, 2023

The Last… with Thandi Maqubela

Thandi is a Legal Director based in London having moved from South Africa just over 10 years ago. She is also co-founder of the Lawyers' Dining Club which seeks to bring together a community of lawyers who are charting their unique course in the legal field. She lives here with her husband and very boisterous toddler son. She has a passion for all things fashion, beauty and travel which she expresses through her online presence.

The Last…

Time you danced?
Notting Hill Carnival – started at Carnival and then moved onto Daniel Kaluuya’s Carnival After Party. Couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend. I’m convinced it’s the best weekend of the year as London just comes alive in a very special way.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A Cos skirt which had been sitting in my basket for so long it sold out (cue blind panic!) so I had to go in-store and thankfully they had it in stock in my size!

Thing you brought online?
Proenza loafers.

Person you spoke to?
My husband.

Podcast you listened to?
How Long Gone.

New brand you discovered?
RéVive Skin Care.

Film you watched at the cinema?
For the life of me I can’t remember as it was before our two-year-old was born!

TV series you watched at home?
Top Boy – that last scene!!!!!

Restaurant you ate at?
A Taverna in Greece just a week ago – delightful!

Takeaway you ordered?
Dishoom – can’t beat their prawn curry!

Book you read?
Yellowface – a disappointment.

Magazine you flicked through?

Country you visited?

Town you walked around?
Amsterdam (outside of London).

Time you cried?
When my son did his first poo on the potty – who knew that would make me teary eyed!

Time you laughed until you cried?
Last night while hanging out on the sofa with my husband. I made a joke I thought was hilarious!

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?

Meal you cooked?
Boiled eggs and toast – that’s cooking right?

Cocktail you drank?
A pink gin spritz – very unlike me, what can I say? Holidays make me more adventurous when it comes to my cocktail selection.

Play you saw?
The Effect.

Thing you baked?
Peanut butter cookies in 2020 – a lockdown disaster.

Thing you burnt?
The same peanut butter cookies.

Time you said sorry?
To my son.

Website you bookmarked?
I don’t bookmark websites – is that a thing? Am I missing out on a productivity hack???

Song you added to a playlist?
Forbidden Fruit by J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar.

Person you kissed?
My husband.

Travelled by bus?
Two weeks ago – I couldn’t face walking the 15 minutes from my psycle studio to the station.

Radio station you listened to?
BBC 6.

Time you swore?
This morning – first day back from holiday and I was welcomed with a deluge of work emails. Not fun.

Biscuit you ate?
Shortbread in Somerset – all that buttery goodness, pity I don’t know when to stop before making myself ill with all the gorging!

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
My Sunspel tracksuit – so comfy so cosy!

Thing you smelt?
My son’s jumper.

Time you said I love you?
On the phone to my sister this morning.

Loving right now…

Isabel Marant Ririo leather boots
I’ve been looking for a good pair of boots to invest in and I’m obsessed with these.

Chloé crocheted linen, cashmere and silk-blend maxi dress
I have a very deep love (or weakness) for white or white adjacent dresses and I just love this one, I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. I’d have a second wedding just wear it!

Shinkai Electrolyte Drench 3-in-1 Deep Hydrating Gel Cream
This is saving my skin right now – very hydrating and perfect for the transition from a beach holiday to central heating.

Ferragamo Hug medium leather shoulder bag
I am woman obsessed! I feel like this bag would be perfect for work!

Carrièe Frères Geranium candle
The candle I’m currently burning in my home office, affectionately called my emotional support candle.

Hello Beautiful book
Very much enjoying devouring this gorgeous book!

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