9 Sep, 2023

The Last… With Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy is a brand founder, makeup artist and beauty expert

The Last…

Time you danced?
Yesterday, on a photoshoot with my team to Flowers by Miley Cyrus.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A book, Barbara Lane Interiors.

Thing you brought online?
Another Donna Ida Cassandra Jumpsuit

Person you spoke to?
My husband Richard

Podcast you listened to?
How I Built This

New brand you discovered?
Crown Affair.

Film you watched at the cinema?
I haven’t been to a cinema in ages!

TV series you watched at home?

Restaurant you ate at?
Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor.

Takeaway you ordered?
Chicken Lettuce Cups from Philippe Chow.

Book you read?
I reread my (now vintage) Scavullo on Beauty by Francesco Scavullo.

Magazine you flicked through?

Country you visited?

Town you walked around?

Time you cried?

Time you laughed until you cried?

Thing you do at night before switching off the light?

Meal you cooked?
Angel hair pasta with a Pomodoro sauce

Cocktail you drank?
Espresso Martini.

Play you saw?

Thing you baked?
Every dessert… in my dreams. I am NOT a baker!

Thing you burnt?

Time you said sorry?

Website you bookmarked?

Song you added to a playlist?
Save Your Tears by The Weeknd.

Person you kissed?
My husband.

Travelled by bus?
Taking the Jitney to the beach.

Radio station you listened to?
Anything playing Taylor Swift.

Time you swore?
Every day.

Biscuit you ate?
Tates Chocolate Chip cookies.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
Donna Ida Martha jeans.

Thing you smelt?
My Sexy 9 fragrance. It’s my signature scent.

Time you said I love you?
Every second of the day.

Loving right now…

Pilot Fountain Pen
My whole team is now in love too.

Virtue’s 6 in 1 Style Guard Hairpsray
I always have the mini with me.

Saint Laurent Tributes.
These are my walking shoes. I have them in every colour.

Our denim Simply Chic Makeup Planner®
The eye shadow palette is absolutely fabulous.

My vintage bag

All Donna Ida jumpsuits

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