18 Mar, 2022

Amazon Fashion Edit

I have done a DEEP dive into Amazon Fashion for this post, and let me tell you, there are some real gems to share.
Recent tried and tested pieces (I like to see them IRL before recommending them you) include (you know I love my ruffles),  (I love to wear them around the house with sweatshirts/jumpers in the winter, then with and on holiday in the summer), lace collar (so pretty over a ), (in black and white), Mary Janes, and this gorgeous . I’m also loving the pieces from Noa Noa (the quality is great – see my edit below for pretty knits and blouses).
For anyone already missing And Just Like That… (me!!), may I suggest these (they’re really good! I’ll be wearing mine with jeans and a tee) and/or this.
Loyal LS readers will already know I have (a friend of mine who works with a very well known designer assumed they were The Row), this,, this (in the brown – the warmest jumper I own), I only own two belts and this is one of them. So good with jeans.

Sarah xx

ps: don’t overlook the men’s department. I recently got (such great quality), and is one of the best Bretons I own (the perfect weight, shape, and sleeve length/width – I like my sleeves loose enough for a scruffy roll…).

pps: Bloch ballet flats are the favourite of the French Vogue editors.

ppps: I love a basket for a quick trip to the supermarket. This is the real deal.

*This post has been created in partnership with Amazon Fashion. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*