2 Oct, 2020

Amazon Fashion Edit





Amazon Fashion. Not two words that you might expect to hear, or indeed, see together. Yet here they are. Very much together. You probably wouldn’t expect to score a beautiful Preen dress for £215.00 on Amazon either, but hey, I’m full of surprises today!
As you probably know, I LOVE Preen, and I particularly love their dresses. Beautiful (the prints are amongst my all-time favourites), romantic, so wearable (but never dull – just cleverly flattering designs  – for example I love that so many of them have long sleeves, which also makes them year-round wearable…). And cleverly timeless. And always cool (it’s literally impossible  to look frumpy wearing one of their gorgeous creations). They are a recent addition to Amazon (I know, so good right?), and have some amazing dresses at really great prices, as part of a special collaboration at the moment with Amazon  Fashion and London Fashion Week. Check them out here.  My personal favourites are this (like mine, but the reverse colour way), this, this  and this one. I have worn my Preen dresses to countless events – weddings, dinners, work events… And always received the loveliest compliments, as well as always feeling good wearing them. But I also love to wear them dressed down with with my Vans too. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on one.
As well as scoring a gorgeous Preen dress, I did a deep dive into the whole of Amazon Fashion (and let me tell you, it’s DEEP!), and found some real treasures. And not just to wear in these pictures – hardworking pieces that I have added into my wardrobe, and have already been wearing on repeat (this shacket being a case in point) Admittedly, not always that easy to find – you have to really look, and put the time in, but then that’s what I’m here for, so you don’t have/need to! Plus, that’s what I love doing! Finding great pieces in unexpected places always gives me the biggest fashion high – after all, where’s the fun in shooting (fashion) fish in a barrel?
So here are my other favourites finds…

I have always loved a chunky cream aran knit (jumper or  cardigan). This is a great cardigan.  I have it in a ‘large’ so it’s nice and slouchy. I love it worn over (preferably long) dresses, and over my favourite tees and jeans.
A classic long sleeve Breton stripe tee is always a good idea. A wardrobe  staple.
Baskets galore!! Love this one. Love, love love this mini basket! Always my grocery shopping basket of choice
I get asked SO often about my gold T-bar necklace. Well guess what? Amazon does one too!
This initial necklace (great for layering with longer chains). And this one.
My white blouse also comes in black. Never underestinate the usefulness of a black cotton long sleeved blouse. And I love the pretty lace-crochet detailing on the sleeves, which you rarely see on high street versions of these blouses.
These ‘lookalike’ boots – such a good heel height for every day, when you don’t want to wear trainers.
How cute are these bow kitten heels? So good with cropped jeans.
I LOVE a beanie in the Winter. I love how they ‘flatten’ my hair, so it’s less ‘big and bushy’ (it can get pretty unruly if left to its own devices!!). I have been known to wear one in the house, before going ‘out out’, as I love the texture they give my hair. True story.
The classic Vanessa Bruno sequinned trim tote.
Grenson Naomi Chelsea boots. So great with long/voluminous midi dresses. Or get your Nanette’s on Prime? Why not?
You already know how much I love a jumpsuit.
This gorgeous oversized roll-neck (wear with (thermal – bonus!) leggings and ballet flats). Super-chic.
I first discovered Vans slip-ons when I was pregnant (I used to shoot with a very cool New York photographer when I was a Fashion Editor at Glamour magazine, who always used to wear them – and this was WAY before Celine made skate/slip-on trainers cool again…), then literally lived in them when I was on maternity leave with the twins (they are SO comfortable to walk in, and I did a lot of walking during that year!). I’m not really much of a ‘trainer girl’, but I do love my Vans (and classic Converse hi-tops), and have been wearing the black and white chequered board style for years. Such a great, no-brainer Autumn/Winter ‘running errands’/’school run’ outfit – men’s cashmere crew-neck, skinny/slim leg jeans and Vans (I’m currently eying up the pink and the white…). It’s never let me down yet.
And last, but by no means least, they have some really fab ‘Granny’ nightdresses. My favourites are this, this and this one (a little added ‘drama’, and it even has pockets!!).

Sarah xx

ps: my favourite style of knickers. And I love that they come in different shades of ‘nude’.

pps: my favourite running trainers are these.  But I know trainers are very personal to how you run/what kind of running you’re doing etc. But I’m just sharing because I get asked a lot.

ppps: check out Amazon Fashion’s ‘Customers’ Most Loved Styles’.

*This post is a paid partnership with Amazon Fashion. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*

photos: Ana Ruivo