23 May, 2022

French Girl Style

We love our Parisian style don’t we? For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to channel the whole ‘French Girl’ nonchalant style, and always seem to gravitate to French brands, including  Isabel (main line and Étoile), A.P.C, Chloé, Carel (I got these for Christmas),  Jérôme Dreyfus… Cool, feminine, effortless pieces, with elements of boho (but never too much) that always feel both current and timeless. Now, it’s a look I rarely stray from.

Like you (I’m guessing?), I hadn’t heard of 24S before, but have since discovered that, like a secret code only insiders (which now includes us by the way) understand, the name 24S is inspired by 24 rue de Sèvres, home of Le Bon Marché, the iconic Parisian department store (if you’ve never been, put it at the top of your list next time you’re in Paris – it’s the most beautiful (I hesitate to call it a department store, but technically that’s what it is) store, and one that we always made a beeline for when I worked at Glamour and was in Paris for fashion week. Such an inspiring space. Just beyond.

24S manages to bring  the spirit of Paris to life through an exclusive online shopping experience for women and men, and features a selection of more than 300 fashion and beauty brands, from the finest luxury houses to emerging designers, and all the in-between ones that we love. In a nutshell, with its expert teams, 24S gives you the keys to Parisian cool elegance. And I definitely want those keys!

As always, I have done a deep dive and chosen my favourites, and there is an exclusive discount code (MAY15) for you to use if something catches your eye and talks to your inner French Girl. There are also some great bargains in the SALE section, with an additional 15% off (ironically, available in all countries except France – sorry).
Bon Shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: if your initial happens to start with an M

pps: I have had these A.P.C sandals for YEARS. I wear mine with flared jeans (which I have recently fallen back in love with) – they’re the perfect heel height and super-comfortable. I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere for a very long time!

ppps: I have included a few non-french brands by the way. But only if they were up to the job!

Main image: Jérôme Dreyfus

*Created in partnership with 24S*