11 Apr, 2020

Shopping The Kids Department (For Us)

Zara Kids

I always try to remember to scour the kids’ departments (when I have the time and the inclination) for less obvious treasure. It almost always throws up the odd gem. Perfect when you’re looking for a quick (inexpensive) ‘hit’ that you probably won’t see everyone else wearing/toting. Zara Kids (unlike Zara Women’s) is always a great place to start (and if you have a shoe size south of a seven, you can get very lucky indeed!). I had the almost identical version of these last summer and lived in them. So pretty with cropped faded blue jeans. And how cute are these (for me or for Tabs though?).
Stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: alternatively, if you have a daughter, scour (shop) her  bedroom! I’m always ‘borrowing’ Tabitha’s little baskets. She actually loves it that I want to use her things. Sweet.