28 Dec, 2020

Shopping The Sales (What To Buy And How To Buy It)

So the sales. They’re here, and believe me, there is a lot of temptation. Remember to try not to get too carried away though. Stay focused (hard drinking and sales shopping is not a great combo, ladies!!) – I would always recommend doing a little audit of your existing wardrobe before diving into the (virtual) sale rail (having memorised your three digit security code on the back of the credit card that’s about to get a hammering).  Any gaps? Any past sales purchases gathering dust? We’re all guilty of it from time to time, but try not be a repeat offender – making the same sales mistakes again and again, prompted by the serotonin high of previously out of reach crushes, suddenly being tantalisingly within your grasp. There’s no point having Isabel Marant hanging in your wardrobe if you’re never going to wear it. And trust me, once the novelty of seeing it hanging there, elevating all your high street purchases, just by being near them, it will all too soon be replaced by an irritation every time you look at it/them (mostly with yourself for falling for it/them in the first place). Unworn clothes/shoes/accessories are completely pointless – a waste of time, money, effort and space. I would choose two pairs of high street jeans that I love and live in, over a designer pair that I might wear once or twice, every time. I’m actually buying less and less these days, so those purchases need to earn their place, regardless of their price tag!
In my opinion (and experience), there are loosely two targets/methods of attack when it comes to sale shopping – the investment buys vs the special/unique ones. Both are equally valid, but both require time, consideration and forward planning to safely avoid mistakes. Personally, I like to target pieces that I normally couldn’t afford or justify (so these come under the ‘special/unique’ category). These also tend to be the more high-end/designer pieces. Then I might just buy one piece. Something I love (and ideally, fell for a while ago…), and know I will love for years to come (as much as you can know anyway). Something special to treasure. This will usually be something that I can’t easily find replicated on the high street – it could be anything from a jumpsuit, to a pair of fab boots, to a pair of gorgeous earrings. Look for unique details, great design/cut, and beautiful fabric/quality. Things that you don’t see all the time (mostly because they cost more to produce). For the investment/classic/staples (not be confused with boring – we’re not talking future life partners here…) pieces, think of the things that you already wear on repeat, your go-tos – the things that work with so many other pieces in your wardrobe  – think coats jackets, shoes/boots, bags… Even a particular ‘style’ of dress that you find always flatters and gets lots of compliments – a shape that always just works, and never lets you down. These are the things worth repeat-buying. Or an amazing style of coat that you always feel good in, and that looks great with plenty of different outfits would be a great sale purchase. It can be something that you already have, as long as the existing one is something you wear a lot, and feel is a ‘hardworking’ piece in your wardrobe. I feel like tweed blazers have become mine. It was unplanned, but I now have three (the first from Margaret Howell is over ten years old now) and wear them all regularly.  They’re all slightly different   – different tweeds/cuts/shapes.lengths, but I wear and love them equally. So go forth and buy another navy coat, as long as you know you’ll be wearing it in years to come.
Good luck!

Sarah xx

ps: my most worn of 2019 AND 2020 are even on sale!!

pps: oh and one last thing. Clever sale shoppers don’t just focus on things to wear right now. This is a great time to snag a gorgeous //. Because most people won’t be looking.