6 Feb, 2022

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday!
Plenty of things to covet this week. Plus, a few summery pieces filtering through…

Sarah xx

ps: currently has 40% off, and (as you’ve probably already realised) are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now. I’ve featured things in my Sunday Style edits pretty much every week (including todays) for the past few months. Their is particularly strong.

pps: I recently bought one of these (in the beige) as my jewellery was getting a little out of control (all over the place – in various baskets, trinket trays, pinch bowls, and hanging on various door handles…). It’s a great, inexpensive storage solution for all those tangled chains (just me?) etc. I love that I can see everything at a glance – it’s meant I’ve been wearing everything much more. Highly recommend. These are great too if you have the drawer space (I don’t).
I’ll try and remember to share some pics on IG next week.

ppps: could be my (investment) tan sandal of 2022?

Main image: