20 Feb, 2022

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday!
More summery bits filtering through, which I’m loving (and keenly including). They’re making me dream about holidays and warmer climbs.
Also loving the (second) renaissance of dungarees. We know there’s nothing new about them these days, but I have felt that they’ve been slightly put out to pasture again recently (or maybe that’s just me?), but they seem to be back from spring, and it’s the striped ones that have got my attention. Anyway, lots to love this week. Enjoy!

Sarah xx

ps: I know we’re kind of out of the woods now (in the UK anyway), but I feel like I’ve still been on the hunt for the perfect face covering. I ordered and they’re really lovely. Made from the softest cheesecloth fabric, they tick all the boxes for me (well the two I care about anyway – style and comfort!).

pps: did I mention that the Kitchen Reno post is now (finally) live?

ppps: fab Mango jumpsuit now goes up to larger sizes.

Main image: Isabel Marant